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Someone's Been Naughty

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For those of you who don't know her yet, this is Isabel Lucille, also known as Izzie the Wonder Pup.   She's a cocker spanial- almost 2 years old (born on Christmas Day!), and usually she's a little on the rambunctious side, let's just say. But she makes up for it with an extra measure of preciousness.  Just look at that face.

Well, let me just tell you what she did today.

Izzie had her grooming appointment this morning.  We have a wonderful mobile groomer who lets herself in, collects Ms. Iz, and grooms her onsite, then deposits her back inside our house once she's done.  It works really well.  Sure saves us a lot of running around to take her to and from her beauty appointments.  :)  Anyway, our groomer thoughtfully left us a package of Christmas candy and nuts.  Well, apparently, little Iz must have surely thought they were for her, and since they were in reach, the little stinker had at it.  I came home to a well groomed pup and a pile of peanuts and candy wrappers all over the floor.

I was beside myself.  Just knowing she was a goner for eating a bunch of chocolate, which I know is poisonous to dogs, I frantically called the vet's office and explained what happened.  The vet told me to try to induce vomiting by administering a tablespoon of peroxide and then shake well.  Shake well?  Shake WHAT well?  The vet calmly explained I was to shake the dog well!!!  Oh dear heavens!  I got lucky and she actually lapped up the peroxide thinking this was some sort of surprise treat.  Then I scooped her up and trotted her outside where I proceeded to bounce her for a solid 15 minutes.  Trust me, she wasn't happy.  Did she ever throw up?  Heck no.

So I called the vet back.  They told me to repeat the process. Let me just say, she was on to me at this point.  She wasn't coming near any peroxide for a second dose.  So I doused a dog biscuit in it and feed that to her.  Then I chased her around for another 15 minutes trying to catch her to "shake" her again.  Well, she wasn't falling for that either.

I called the vet back one final time to report on this round of "treatment".  They just snickered at my crazy story and said to just be on the lookout for things like hyperactivity or lethargy this afternoon.   Really?  Izzie only has two speeds, and those are it.  If my dog isn't into some sort of bouncing off the wall trouble, she's asleep.  Lord have mercy; how will I ever know if something is wrong?

Well, this little stinker has been prancing around all afternoon.  I'm sure she is snickering to herself for my stress-induced day.  I think we are in the clear.  Incidentally, dark chocolate and bitter chocolate is far more poisonous than milk chocolate to dogs.  Either way, we certainly won't plan on a repeat performance.

She sure made Santa's naughty list with this little incident.  But two things are for sure- 1)  It probably won't be the last time she makes her way onto the naughty list, and 2) I won't be surprised if all that peroxide and shaking makes it's way up sometime around 3 am.  That's just how it goes with Izzie, the Wonder Pup.  She'd better be glad she's cute.  ;)
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