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Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away. Have you made plans for the holiday yet? If you're like many of us, you might even be celebrating more than once. And as lucky and thankful as we are to have such an abundance of opportunities to celebrate, sometimes you just need some help getting it all together.

Now, I know I have my favorite recipes that are tried and true, and they are family favorites that we will make every year. But! What about those events that you're attending and you're just asked to bring a side or a dessert? Would you like to try something new? 

Well this list is for you! It's a roundup of The Harris Sisters' taste-tested and kid- and husband-approved, never-fail recipes that you can try too. They are simple to make and you'll just leave your family and friends amazed at your cooking or baking prowess! ;-)


These recipes are sure to keep your family and friends from staring blankly at you (stomachs growling) while you finish preparing the day's main meal. ;-)


Man cannot live by bread alone, but these particular recipes might have a few guests trying to prove that old saying wrong.


These sides are sure to impress. They'll fit right in among the sweet potatoes and corn, but they'll offer you're guests something new to try.


You REALLY can't go wrong with Grandma's recipes. These three in particular were favorites in the Harris household and made appearances at quite a few holiday dinners. Hope you enjoy these!


Toast all that you're thankful for with these seasonal beverages.

Holiday Helpers and How-To's

Make this Thanksgiving the best yet with these essential holiday how-to's.

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