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What to Wear Over Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Thursday, November 19, 2015

With the big day just a week away, it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.  We all know we have many plans to make.  We have to plan the menu, the shopping list, perhaps even the decor.  We meticulously plan how long each dish will take to prepare, what can be made in advance, who will be helping in the kitchen,  and who will sit next to who.  We plan what big Thanksgiving Day games we will watch on tv and when they all start.  So why wouldn't we start thinking about what we should be wearing on Thanksgiving? 
There may be more to this outfit than you think, depending on what your big Thanksgiving Day looks like.  For example, will you be helping in the kitchen? (or spending the entire day in the kitchen?) Or will you be showing up to Grandma's just in time for the turkey carving?  Will you be traveling?  Or at home? Is your family Thanksgiving more formal or more casual?

Once you boil things down to your basic requirements, you can start to build your outfit from there. Regardless of how your day shapes up, there are a few things that we should all agree on.   And regardless of what you plans may include, Thanksgiving is in fact usually a time when family gets together.  In many cases, you are seeing family you don't see all that often.  And at some point, someone usually pulls out a camera to document the festivities.  You will want to look nice  for photos and of course for your family too.  
1. Comfort is key.  And while comfort is always important, I rarely say that comfort should come first when it comes to fashion.  However, the Thanksgiving holiday is in fact, an exception.  I mean the day basically revolves around cooking and eating, and then cooking and eating some more, which doesn't exactly lend itself to restrictive uncomfortable clothing choices.  However one should never confuse comfortable clothing choices for sloppy ones.  It is still very easy to create a cute and cozy ensemble that will have you looking well put together without sacrificing comfort.
2.  Jewel tones are a perfect choice.  These are the deep rich autumnal tones that line up so perfectly with the season, and are almost always universally flattering.   And let's face it, with a day dedicated to eating, you don't want to risk spots and stains on your lighter colored frocks.  Skip the bright reds, greens, and sparkle for now.  The holiday season is just beginning and there will be plenty of time for those closer to December.
3.  When in doubt, start by keeping it simple.  But remember, simple doesn't have to be boring.  Add interest to your outfit with some great accessories.  Gold toned jewelry will complement your jeweled toned pieces nicely.  Add a beautiful scarf or a vest.  
4.  Remember, there's more to dress for than just Thanksgiving Day itself.  There's also perhaps a travel day (or two), Black Friday, maybe a weekend get-together with friends...  Apply similar rules, keeping in mind what your activities will entail.
I hope this gives you a few good ideas for your upcoming Thanksgiving.  Whatever you choose, make it fun and festive, just like the holiday itself!  Cheers to a wonderful Thanksgiving to you all! 
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