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Pioneer Woman's New Kitchenware Line

Thursday, November 12, 2015

First thing's first.  You all know the Pioneer Woman, right?  Her real name is Ree Drummond, and she's a wonderful cook, author, blogger, and television personality.  She lives on a farm with her husband (whom she calls "Marlboro Man") and their children, and documents their ranch life daily on her blog.  They have a wonderfully lazy ranch dog, a basset hound named Charlie, whom she has written several children's books about.  She also has a successful television show on the Food Network, and has written several cookbooks too.  She is a self-described "desperate housewife", who "channels Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman."  She's just a really neat lady.   
If you aren't familiar with her already, start by reading her blog.  There are tons of pictures, stories, recipes, and even giveaways there.  It's so much fun.  Can you tell I really like her- A LOT? 
Now, here's the real reason I set out to write this blog post.  The Pioneer Woman has created a new kitchenware line, and it's exclusively available at Walmart!  When I say kitchenware, I mean it includes everything you might need to cook, bake,  or set the table with.  But hold on to your hats!  The best part is the price.  I am still in disbelief at how AFFORDABLE she made the pieces in this line.  And there are a TON of pieces in her collection.  Here are a just a few for you to feast your eyes on.  It's soooo pretty, isn't it?  Told you I love this woman!

Here's that gorgeous Charlie the Ranch Dog.  He's a cookie jar, and trust me, he's perfect in every way.  The second these went on sale, my wonderful mother-in-law (who knows how much I love Charlie) ordered this online for me.  As she sat at the computer, I remember her asking me, "How much do you think this cookie jar costs?"  I thought to myself, he must be expensive.  I guessed maybe $50.  Nooooo, she said.  More?!?!  Gulp.  I guess I would cough up a little more.  He was so special.  She laughed.  His price tag was $12 and change.  I thought for that price he must be really small or really thin.  But let me tell you, Charlie stands 10 inches high- the height of a regular cookie jar and he's a good quality one, too.  He now proudly sits in our kitchen, and I wouldn't trade him for anything.  But I will tell you, he sold out quickly online.  So if you have your heart set on him, check locally in your store.   

Here's a look at some of her pretty coffee mugs.  I bought a couple of these in my local store.  I popped in one day specifically to see what they had in this collection.  I found these mugs for only $4 each, so I grabbed up a couple of them.  At that price, I couldn't pass them by.  They were so pretty!

And this is the reason I went to my local Walmart in the first place- this pie plate.  I loved it from the moment I saw it online, but they weren't selling it online- only in stores.  At my store, they only had one left in stock, and it was MINE!  YAY!- it will come in handy for the upcoming holiday season.  Incidentally, I paid $12 for this pretty plate, flutes and all. 

If you recently read my Thanksgiving Tablescape blog entry, then this creamer should look familiar.  It rounds out my current Pioneer Woman collection.  It was a whopping $5!  I still can't believe the price points on this stuff!  In any case, it shows that it is out of stock online, but if you are interested in one, I would check my local Walmart to see what they have on the shelves, but I wouldn't wait too long.  This stuff has gone really quickly.  It's quality and at these prices, you can see why it's literally flying off the shelves. 

Here is just a sample of some of the other items that are part of this pretty collection.  I would literally buy every single piece if I had the room for it.  I love it all that much!  Santa, if you are reading, just be ready because I will itemize a more specific list for you in the coming weeks!

Check out that butter dish!  Be still my beating heart!   And the jadeite pedestal... (with dome!)  I did actually see one of those in the store.  I took it out of the box and inspected it and everything.  It's a really good piece too.  I just didn't need it.  But dang- it was $20 for both pieces. 

Love this spatula! 

The color of this cookware is so fun!  Especially for the retro kitchen.  Isn't it pretty?

 Just take a peek at the dinnerware...

And these pretty ramekins...

And, and, and....

Ok, enough of my drooling.  But seriously, I could keep right on going.  Just do yourself and favor and go check it out.  There is a small selection available online through walmart.com.  In my opinion, your best bet might be to just go visit your local Walmart for the best selection.  The one and only time I did that, one of the employees told me that they have a display section of Pioneer Woman products, as well as many of her items mixed into their regular kitchen section, so be sure to check around and make sure you aren't missing anything.  Hopefully, they plan to stock up for Christmas!  Wouldn't these pieces just make the perfect gift?   
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