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A 1950s Thanksgiving Poem

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and family, today I bring to you a special piece of Harris family history. This poem was written by our Grandma Harris in 1958. This is a picture of Grandma Thelma and Grandpa Paul.

Daddy tells the tale of this poem once a year in our household - always around Thanksgiving because of the topic of the poem.

As the story goes, Daddy's sister (affectionately known as "Hootsie" or "Hoop" to inner circle family members) needed to write a poem for a school project. As parents are often known to do (usually when deadlines are looming as are bedtimes), Grandma Harris wrote this poem for her. The poem was submitted for the school project and won an award.

What I love so much about this poem is that it is a true step back into the past. What's truly remarkable, though, is that a poem that mentions God, a "country that I love," and the Golden Rule was the prize-winning poem in a small North Carolina school in 1958. 

Happy to share this piece of nostalgia with you today.
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