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Polka Dot Pig Party

Friday, August 22, 2014

We recently celebrated Jaxon's 6th birthday. And he wanted to have a pig party theme. He has always loved pigs. We THINK the fascination began early when he saw his very first in theater movie: Toy Story 3 and fell in love with Hamm.  

Anyhoot, let me tell you, it's not all that easy to plan a pig themed party that is not related to the farm or the movie that his favorite pig was in or even a specific pig (most of the cartoon ones are girls: Peppa, Olivia, Mrs. Piggy, etc.). He JUST wanted pigs.

So this is what I came up with. First, I sent out invitations that incorporated the cover artwork of "If You Give a Pig a Party." That way, I was able to incorporate some other colors besides pink for a boy's party! I thought polka dots might be a nice choice.

For the menu, I planned pig party cupcakes, polka dot popcorn, and "mud pies" (Oreo Dirt Cake) to eat and "mud puddles" (YooHoo), pink "piggie" punch (Pink Party Punch), and water to drink.

I decorated with polka dots using these free printables:

Free Drink Label Printable by Paper and Pigtails. (Link also includes other Polka Dot Party Printables.)

Pro Tip: Do not cut the vertical cutting lines shown. This will ensure that the labels will fit all the way around whatever bottle you're wrapping. (Better to overlap in the back than to come up short with a gap because you cut on those lines!)

I "invited" Jaxon's stuffed animal pig collection to the party and made sure that they had party hats to wear using the Free Party Hat Printable from Fun Stuff to Do. (Link also includes other Polka Dot Party Printables.)

All other party supplies, including polka dot party plates, pig crazy straws, pig pinata, and pig mylar balloon and polka dot mylar balloons were purchased online.

Pig Pinata (Note: this pinata appears small, but it is huge! It held about 5 big bags of candy!)

Sidebar: We always let the birthday boy "wear" whatever part of the pinata is left after it's all said and done. Maybe that's just a weird family tradition that we started, but it sure makes for some memorable birthday photos:

Pig Crazy Straws and Polka Dot Plates (I paired this with colorful plastic cutlery and cups.)

Pig and Polka Dot Mylar Balloons

I had a few pig themed games planned, but I'm coming to the realization that they're getting too old for party games. Once all of the cousins and friends have arrived, they just want to play! I did manage to gather them together for a rousing game of "Stinky Pig," which is played the same way as Hot Potato. 

You press his belly and he starts to hum a song. While he's humming, the players pass him around the circle. But, oh no! Stinky Pig has flatulence and will stop humming long enough to fart. :-) The player holding Stinky Pig when he farts is out of the game and play continues until only one player is left. This game's a real winner. 

Well that wraps another party for this year. We've got another one coming in less than a month so I'd better get planning!

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Anonymous said...

How did you get the invitation? Cannot find it on your site.

Thank you!

Donna Walkush said...

Hi Anonymous, I used some designer-y tricks to create the invitation myself. You'll need to download an image of "If You Give a Pig a Party" and then type in your party info over the balloons using image editing software. (Picmonkey.com is a software that will allow you to edit images for free, so it's a good place to start.) Once you have your edited image, you'll need to overlay it over a polka dot background to achieve the affect shown here. Hope this helps!

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