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What Ever Happened to the Gerber Baby?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm guessing that at one point or another, most new parents have noticed a resemblance between their bundle of joy and that iconic Gerber Baby.  So I would wager that we are in good company.  But when we starting seeing Lexi's 3 month photos trickle in, this one made me do a double take.  

The original Gerber Baby, as seen above, was Ann Turner Cook, and her famous image has graced the side of countless jars of baby food and other Gerber baby products over the past eighty years. That's quite the run by anyone's standards. 

In fact, the identity of this chubby cherub was kept a secret for nearly forty years, and kept the American public guessing who posed for that famous drawing.  Guesses ranged from movie stars Humphrey Bogart and Elizabeth Taylor to Senator Bob Dole.  In later years, a rumor circulated that it was actress Jane Seymour.  

Today, the Gerber website still showcases the same classic image of the Gerber Baby, and even has a dedicated link to information about the famous baby then and now.  But other news articles state that Gerber was looking for, and settled on, a new Gerber Baby to take over the reigns.  Hmmm, not sure what to make of that.  There was apparently a national contest in 2012 to discover the next baby, and reports show that a winner was announced.  But Gerber still advertises with their classic image to this day.  

Personally, I'm hoping that they stick with the original.  No offense to the contest winner or anyone else, but I sure do wish they wouldn't mess with perfection.  It will be mighty hard, if not impossible, to top what they already have.  Unless, of course, Gerber wants to reach out to our little Lexi.  Now I reckon that would be alright.  ;) 
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