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My Week in Pictures: August 1, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Whew-wee, these Fridays sure are rolling around fast.  That being said, it must be time for another "My Week in Pictures", so let's get started. 

This week started with an annual tradition that we participate in every year- the good old fashioned Bluegrass Festival in Downtown Franklin, TN.  The streets come alive with pickin' and grinnin' on every corner and on the main stage in the town square.  Food trucks and crafts vendors set up shop, and we got in on the action by dining outside with friends and settling in for a listen. It is one of those events I look forward to each year. 

Last weekend, we did a little window shopping in town.  I fell in love with this beauty of a display. 

And for that matter, I fell for this one too.  This pup belongs to the shop owner.  He's always there. You will see he is curled up on top of the ribbon that clearly states "please do not sit on me".  Guess that doesn't apply when your mommy owns the shop.  :)

I thought these hand-painted note cards were pretty too.  Makes me want to write to somebody- anybody- just to use these pretty parchments. 

We also did a little paint shopping.  We have a sweet little antique high chair that we are planning to restore for Baby Lexi, and this shop has the paint we want.  I'm thinking we might go with a really soft pink (not pictured here) with an iridescent finish as seen in the lower right tile in this picture.  More to come on this project as it starts to shape up. 

We also visited friends of ours for dinner last weekend.  Here we are all ready to go out.  Babydoll did great all evening long.  And John and I were in country cooking heaven.  Dinner was fried chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans and tomatoes from the garden, and yummy creamed corn. Complete with pecan pie for dessert.  Sweet!!

Speaking of cooking, John tried a new recipe for chicken fried rice this week.  Here he is hard at work. 

I must admit, it was certainly a tasty treat.  It was the closest thing to eating at a real Chinese restaurant that we have ever had.  I would say it was a success. 

It seems like I also have been giving a garden update each week too.  So this week, here's a tip for you.  If you have deer or rabbits who have been munching on your plants, try this.  Cut off thin pieces of Irish Spring soap and drop at the base of your plants.  It supposedly keeps the critters at bay.  I tried it earlier this week, and I have to say- so far so good.  My plants are starting to leaf out and even bloom again.  Me thinks it's starting to work.  Now to see if they try to bathe in it next time it rains!

The weather has been so nice here this week, it's almost hard to believe it's the end of July/ beginning of August.  We have been taking advantage of the cooler days, and doing a lot of strolling.  Check out our Lexi.  She sure does enjoy it!

In other baby news, we have been trying out her bumbo this week.  This was the first night she sat in it.  She was doing a great job, but she looked a little - shall we say- apprehensive. :)

By the next day, she was killing it.  You can see how proud of herself she is!

And I will leave with our other "baby".  Izzie has been helping me knock things off the old "to-do" list this week. 

And in her spare time, she likes to click through the channels to see what's on the old boob tube. Aaah, sweet Izzie, you make mommy smile. 

So that's it for this week.  We happen to have an exciting weekend/ week ahead.  This weekend, we will be going out on our first official date night since Lexi was born, and she will be with her first babysitter for the evening.  So cross your fingers for all of us.  And then this week, Harris Sister Misty and family will be making a visit to Nashville for some family time.  LOTS to look forward to (and lots to update you on next week).  I hope your week ahead looks just as fun!
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