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One Man's Trash - Vintage Photographs

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In honor of Little Lexi's 3 month birthday today, I thought I would share one of my greatest vintage finds with you.  This old photograph is one that I found in an antique mall about two years ago- long before Lexi joined our family.  At the time, I certainly wasn't looking for baby photos.  And incidentally, this photo doesn't reside in our nursery now.  It has always, and will continue to, live in our master bedroom.  

For anyone who hunts for antiques, you will already know that you commonly run across old photographs.  Sometimes they speak to you.  Sometimes not.  But when they do, do them the honor of giving them a home.  This one is simply marked on the back: "Florence Annetta - age 4 months". When I saw it there in that antique shop a few years back, I fell in love.  How could anyone pass this sweet baby by?  So I paid a whopping dollar for her, and she's been with us since.  

Yes, baby Florence is family now.  It may seem silly, but photographs are a way of marking history.  I wonder who this girl was, whatever became of her?  And what she would think about her baby portrait being displayed in our home today?  I hope she would be happy that her memory lives on through this sweeter than sweet photograph. 

So take good care of those photos.   And don't be afraid to "adopt" one that calls out to you; I bet you will be glad you did.  
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