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My Week in Pictures: July 18, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Friday, another "My Week in Pictures".  This summer sure is flying by.  You've heard the saying- the days are long, but the years are fast.  Oh my, it sure is true.  We are loving our first summer with baby Lexi.  Here is how we spent this past week. 

Friday nights are date nights for us.  They always have been.  Of course, our "dates" now include this sweet little girl, and we were so glad to introduce her to our favorite Mexican restaurant for the first time last Friday night.  We know the owners and most of the staff there, and they were all stopping by one by one to meet our little Lex.  It was a fun time, and Lexi did great. 

After dinner, it was a stroll through Downtown Franklin, and a stop for ice cream. 

The weekend brought a visit to the Farmer's Market.  You can see below how busy it was.  It's always that way.  You have to get there when they open to casually stroll it anymore, and that's just not gonna happen, so we braved the crowds in search of corn and melons. 

I instantly spied these lovelies for sale, and got all excited thinking of how pretty they would look in the kitchen.  That is until John reminded me that we wouldn't be home for a while, and they probably wouldn't make it for hours in the hot car.  Alas, my dreams were dashed...  But they sure were pretty. 

No worries though.  I found my melon, and the corn, as well as some good looking summer squash. 

We also bought homemade pasta at the farmers market, and cooked it up later in the weekend.  We added our own homemade pasta sauce using the peppers and tomatoes from my garden.  And our focaccia bread finished out this wonderful meal. 

In other news, it would seem that we live at Walmart these days, hunting for a never ending supply of diapers and formula.  Honestly, they do have the best prices, so I suck it up and go, even though I would rather do almost anything else.  In any case, I left Little Miss with John while I hunted for a couple of things, and came back to find this.  Apparently, she started fussing so John proudly found her a soft place to chill out.  Although I was horrified to see that she was apparently reduced to a mere $2.65 while I was shopping.  I snapped her right up before someone else tried to cash in on that deal. 

In Izzie news, she got her hair did this week.  Isn't she lovely?

Babydoll has been sleeping through the night for almost a month now.  It's amazing and wonderful.  We are so lucky.  She's just such an easy baby.  She will fall asleep on her own if you leave her in her crib, or in your arms if you rock her a little.  I think she inherited my love for sleep.  

And the weather has been unseasonably comfortable here all week.  We took advantage of it, and ate pizza out on the patio at the Mellow Mushroom last night in Downtown Franklin.

The band played "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" from the square as John snapped this photo.  Lexi was having so much fun, she decided to stick her tongue out!  Love that girl!!

So that's what we've been up to this week.  And here we are looking ahead to another fun-filled weekend.  Hope your's is looking good too!  Enjoy!
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Kathy Chambers said...

Love looking at the pictures you post. They're all so great!!

Gladys said...

Love the pictures. Hope to see you all in October at our family reunion.

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