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Angel Wings and Espadrilles

Saturday, July 19, 2014

If you've been following the blog for a while, I'm sure you know that the newest addition to the family is baby Lexi. Well, I certainly couldn't let this occasion pass without seeing what I could whip up with my trusty crochet hook, so I set off to find some patterns that might fit the bill. This is one set that we gave her recently.

The dress is a free pattern called Angel Wings Pinafore. You can find it at Bev's Country Cottage or at Ravelry. The original pattern is written as a traditional pinafore with a slit up the back. I only made two changes to the pattern. I joined at round 7 and continued working the pattern in the round to create a dress, and I added the same pattern repeat around the arm openings. 

I finished this piece with a vintage brass button from the vintage button stash that I acquired last December for my crocheted Christmas tree garland project. A crown button for a little princess is pretty perfect wouldn't you say?

The espadrilles are actually a modified Mary Jane pattern. The pattern that I originally modified is no longer available for sale, but the way in which I modified the pattern to make it look like an espadrille should work for any Mary Jane pattern. 

If you have a Mary Jane pattern that you've used before and like, begin with that. If not, this free pattern can be found at Tampa Bay Crochet and Ravelry and looks similar to the one that I used.

I modified the pattern that I used in the following ways. First, start with a tan colored yarn to create the sole of the shoe. Use two strands of yarn to create a thicker sole. Slip stitch around sole before finishing off. 

Join white yarn in slip stitch row and finish the remainder of the shoe. Rather than crocheting a strap as specified, slip stitch around to the back of the shoe, and single crochet three stitches in the center back of the shoe for nine rows. Finish off and leave a long tail of yarn. Fold down the strip this creates and use the long tail of yarn to sew the top of the strip to the base, creating a loop. Weave in all ends. 

Cut a piece of white grosgrain ribbon that is long enough to fit around the baby's ankle and tie into a bow. Use a yarn needle to pull the grosgrain ribbon through the loop. Tie the grosgrain ribbon in a bow as shown below. Repeat for other shoe.

And one final piece for this set was a diaper cover. I used this free pattern from Crotiques and Ravelry.  

I added ribbon to the top because, quite frankly, I have no idea whether these would actually stay on a baby without something to hold them up! ;-) This photo also shows an overhead view of the shoes and the construction of the loop described above.
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Deanna C said...

This little outfit is one we will keep always. Lexi will be wearing it for her 3 month photos in a couple weeks. And she does look just like an angel in it. She sure is loving her talented Aunt Donna!!!

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