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My Week in Pictures: August 15, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

I must begin this post by begging your pardon.  I didn't update you last week, as promised.  It was a super busy and FUN week.  We had Harris sister, Misty, and her family in town visiting with us all week, so I didn't get our weekly update posted as I normally do.  So this week will actually touch on the last couple of weeks worth of fun.  

And have we had a LOT going on!  I think I mentioned last time that John and I were due for our first real date together since Lexi was born.  And a couple of weekends ago, we did just that.  

We got ourselves all duded up for a night out. 

And headed into Nashville for dinner at one of our favorites- Cafe Nonna.  It is the quaint little Italian restaurant where we had our first real date together, and also where we usually go for Valentine's Day each year.  Since this was an equally important date, we decided to make our way there. 

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they had fresh heirloom tomato salad on the menu that night, so I ordered it right on up.  It was heavenly.  Seriously, I could have just eaten that. 

Dinner was yummy fettuccine pasta with fresh tomato sauce and spicy sausage. 

After dinner, John scoped out a local ice cream hot spot that got rave reviews, so we went to check it out.  There was a line clear around the building, and no parking anywhere.  So I got out to wait in line while John circled for a spot. 

Thankfully, it was worth the wait.  Their standard portion is three "half-scoops", just enough to taste several different flavors without being way too much. I tried their dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and sea salt caramel.  The dark chocolate was my fave!

We came home to a happy baby swinging away in her swing and a great report from the babysitter. Whew!!!  What a relief, and what a great night!

A few days later Misty and her family arrived, and we decided to spend our first night together at the county fair.  We rode rides, ate fair food, listened to music, saw the farm animals, and just enjoyed ourselves.  Here we are getting into the swing of things right off the bat!  Free white sunglasses? Yes, we'll take seven please!

Here's a pic of me and John last year at the fair.  Notice the carton of milk in John's hand.  (This man loves milk!)

Now, here we are one year later in the same spot.  This time we both have a carton of milk.  Wild times, let me tell you.  But more importantly, we also have our sweet baby girl (fast asleep- more wild times!)  What a difference a year makes!

As I said, it was a busy week.  We visited Downtown Franklin, and completed as much of a scavenger hunt as we could before the kiddos started asking for ice cream instead.  :)

We went roller skating.  Yours truely was the only casualty of the outing, with a pretty major wipeout just before we left.  Go big or go home.  In this case, I did both.  

We toured the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, TN, home of the famous Tennessee Whiskey. Here are our two fellas with Jack himself.  Interestingly enough, Lynchburg is in a dry county, so you can't actually drink there.  Ha! 

We visited the pool, and got some more use out of those free fair sunglasses.  I swear those things multiplied like rabbits. I am still finding pairs of them everywhere!

Speaking of the pool, it was also another first for Babydoll last week.  She made her first trip to the pool, and she loved it.  No surprise there.  She loves splashing around at bath time too.  

It was such a good week.  The girls were so much fun.  Charlotte was great with Lexi (I think she's been around the block a time or two with babies), and Emma helped me give her a bath everyday and sang to her when she fussed.  Oh, and Charlotte also holds the distinction of being the first person to get Lexi to laugh out loud!  So precious.  All three of them. 

So that's it for now.  John's parents will be coming into town this week for a few days, and I will be heading for the hills (literally) to meet up with the other Harris Sisters for our Annual Girls' Weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead.  
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