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100 Things to Do This Fall

Sunday, September 1, 2013

While Fall doesn't officially start until September 22 (and technically runs through December 20 for those of you keeping track), in our house we like to get a jump on things. If your family is still squeezing the last drops of fun out of summer, consider popping over to our 100 Things to Do This Summer List (or Pin it for next summer). And don't forget we also have a 100 Things to Do This Winter List and 100 Things to Do This Spring List (so make sure to pin those for later).

Anyhoot, to our family Labor Day weekend seems like the unofficial start to Fall. And with that in mind, I thought I'd post a list of 100 fun things you might want to consider doing with your family during the fall season. Some are activities the kids can do alone, some are activities they will need your help with, and some are all for you (holiday prep and all that jazz).

And to show how these are activities that we Harris Sisters endorse, I have included links and photos of our own experiences with many of these suggestions. And I've also included a few really awesome things that our family intends to try this year. Enjoy!

1. Go to a Local Festival
2. Make Salsa from the Last of the Garden Vegetables
3. Banned Books Week Is Typically the Last Week in September, and Some Great Books Are on That List: Choose a Book (That Your Parents Approve of) and Read It
4. OR Pick a Book from The Harris Sisters Recommended Book List and Read It Outside Before the Weather Gets Too Cool

5. Plant Mums
6. Go on a Nature Walk
7. Plan Your Spirit Week Outfits (Try to Top Last Year)
8. Gaze at the Harvest Moon (Note: The Harvest Moon may not coincide exactly with the beginning of Fall – sometimes it’s a few days in advance – but you shouldn’t miss it!)

9. Make a Dream Catcher (to catch any bad dreams you might have about spooky things)
10. Make Monster Spray to Rid Your Room of Monsters
11. Pick Apples and Make Old-Fashioned CobblerBaked Apples, or Apple Butter
12. Rake Leaves into a Pile & Jump in It

13. Go Camping in Your Own Backyard or If the Weather Is Too Cool, in Your Basement
14. Have a Day Where the Kids Decide What You’ll Eat for All Three Meals - I don’t THINK anyone will die from this! :-)
15. Make Favors for a Halloween Party
16. Build a Bonfire Then Roast Hot Dogs or Make S’mores

17. Participate in the Worldwide Day of Play (The annual event that encourages kids and their parents to play OUTSIDE rather than watching TV is usually held on or around the beginning of fall each year.)
18. Plant Spring Bulbs
19. Make Pumpkin Bread
20. Take a Slimy Bath with Soap Slime

21. Go to the Fair
23. Mix Candy Corn and Dry Roasted Peanuts Together for a Delicious Snack
24. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

25. Go for a Hayride
26. Paint Pumpkins with Glow in the Dark Paints
27. Take a Ghost Tour
28. Eat Monster Cereal While It’s Available

29. Make Popcorn Balls
30. “Boo” Your Neighbors
31. Set Your DVRs for ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween!
32. Make Skeleton T-Shirts 

33. Make Caramel Apples
34. Plan Your Halloween Costume
35. Visit a Haunted House or Haunted Trail

37. Learn the Entire Thriller Dance
38. Watch the Clouds and Name the Shapes You See
39. Take a Tour of Local Halloween Decorations
40. Eat Pumpkin Doughnuts While They’re Available

41. Brew Apple Cider
42. Download Halloween Music for Your Halloween Party or Halloween Night
43. Make Brownies

45. Bob for Apples
46. Go to a Carnival
47. Make a Bleach Bat, Witch, or Pumpkin T-Shirt
48. Cut a Pumpkin in Half, Scoop Out the Seeds, and Fill with Bird Seed for Your Feathered Friends 

49. Roast Pumpkin Seeds
50. Make Pumpkin Fudge
52. Take a Family Photo in Your Halloween Costumes

53. Make Slime or Gak
54. Go to a Trunk or Treat
55. Go Trick or Treating
56. Decorate Gingerbread Cookies to Look Like Skeletons to Make “Gingerdead Men” (Special cookie cutters are available on Amazon or use the ones you use at Christmas.)

57. Climb a Tree
58. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
59. Visit a Maize Maze
60. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

61. Make a Homemade Pie
62. Go to a Football Game
63. Donate to a Local Food Drive
64. Watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”  (Is anyone else bothered by Woodstock eating turkey? No? Maybe it’s just me then . . . .)

66. Go Horseback Riding
67. Watch Classic Movies by the Fire
68. Go Gem Mining

69. Make Homemade Chili
70. Make Homemade Cornbread
71. Have a Silly String Fight
72. Help Collect Firewood & Build a Fire

73. Make Hot Chocolate
74. Make Leaf Rubbings
75. Plan a Weekend Trip to the Mountains to Enjoy the Fall Foliage
76. Snuggle Under Your Favorite Blanket

77. Make Your Favorite Macaroni & Cheese to Eat on a Cool Day
78. Help Plan the Thanksgiving Menu
79. List the Things You Are Thankful For
80. While the Whole Family Is Together at Thanksgiving, Take a Family Photos (Include All Generations)

81. Make Place Cards for Thanksgiving Dinner
82. Draw Names for Christmas Gifts
83. Start Christmas Shopping – Online or In Stores
84. Collect Pine Cones and Make Them into a Wreath (My Mother-In-Law made this wreath for me from pine cones the boys found.)

85. Visit a Local Holiday Market or Craft Show
86. Make Friendship Bracelets
87. Go to a Local Production of The Nutcracker
88. Visit a Parade of Lights

89. Start Putting Up Christmas Decorations!
90. Think Up Your Most Creative Christmas Card Photo Idea and Take It
91. Start Your Advent Calendar
92. Have a Pajama Day

93. Go to a Local Production of A Christmas Carol
94. Make Your Favorite Soup
95. Have a Sleepover
96. Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments for Your Family & Friends

98. Participate in the Salvation Army Stuff a Stocking Campaign (go online to research whether there is an event local to you)
99. Donate to Toys for Tots
100. Schedule Your Visit with Santa

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