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Halloween Home Tour

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Folks, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Halloween is right around the corner. It even took me by surprise this year! We've had so many events planned in October, that it's hard for me to believe that it'll be here in less than two weeks!

So, I figured if you're in need of a little last minute decorating inspiration, I'm happy to bring it to you in the form of this Halloween home tour.

These are either side of my family room mantel. A haunted house ticket and blown glass owls on one side:

And a jack-o-lantern and candy collectors sign on the other side. I think the jack-o-lantern is supposed to be a treat holder, but he looked so regal on top of the mantel that I won't be using him for that this year:

And this is a closeup of a ceramic Halloween garland that I've strung across the fireplace grate below this mantel:

Remember when I showed off my vintage Lava Lamp as Christmas decor last year? Well, here's what it looks like among Halloween decor:

Over in the corner, I've displayed my witch themed sign and potion bottles:

 Moving on to the kitchen, here's a Primitives by Kathy Halloween subway sign:

And here's the handmade Halloween tassel that resides on my kitchen door:

A few years ago, I posted pictures of the Halloween Serveware Display in my glass door kitchen cupboards. Here's what it looks like this year. Looks like I've changed it up quite a bit:

And just because he's cute, here's my orange Halloween owl mug - his partner in crime, green Halloween owl mug, was not available for the photo. ;-)

In the Living Room, I've added a few Primitives by Kathy throw pillows that feature vintage Halloween images: 

And the side table is all set with Halloween coasters:

These jack-o-lantern and bat luminaries and vintage Halloween sign brighten up the bookcase:

Downstairs the Halloween village is in full swing:

And the Dining Room has been decorated in black and white. For all of you interested in comparing, this is what it looked like last year. And this is what it looks like this year:

The rusted metal letters that spell Boo are accented with a vintage Tilso skull ashtray because, hey, what else are you going to do with an ashtray nowadays? ;-) This particular one used to be Daddy's, and he was kind enough to pass it down to me for decorating purposes. What a score!

Here's a look at the buffet:

Closeups of left side:

Closeups of right side. Note the unwrapped candy (candy corn, candy pumpkins, etc.) in Mason jars. This has worked pretty well. It looks nice for display, but it also keeps the candy fresh and keeps little hands out of it because Mason jars confound the boys. :-)

And finally, probably the "scariest" thing I can show you about my Halloween decorating are the bats hanging from my Dining Room chandelier. The scary part is my chandelier. It's brass, and it came with the house.  :-)

Make sure to check out One Man's Trash: Vintage Halloween Edition to see my how I incorporated a vintage witch marionette doll and a Remington typewriter in my Halloween decorations.

Happy Halloween!

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wisdomdancer said...

I loved you Halloween tour! It's my favorite time of the year. Those bats on your scary chandelier are cute. Did you make them? I noticed that they had blue sequins on them. Neat idea. My vintage lava lamp is tourquise. Nona

Donna Walkush said...

Hi Nona, I'm actually not sure where those bats came from. I am a long-time collector of Halloween decor, and I have had those particular bats since college! However, it would be easy to recreate that same look by spraying glitter hairspray (also sold at Halloween time for costume purposes) onto any hanging bat decorations that you might come across! Good luck bat hunting in a few months! ;-)

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