Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkin Decorating Party

We Walkushes have thrown a Pumpkin Carving Party for 13 years now. Our annual party was supposed to have happened this evening. But, as luck would have it, Aidyn woke up with a high fever that we didn't want to pass along to all of our guests (I mean, what a horrible way to celebrate Halloween).

So, instead, I sent an email first thing to cancel the party and made a doctors appointment. When we arrived at the appointment, we were utterly surprised to see that they'd been decorating pumpkins themselves and boy do they look professional. I thought I'd share them with you! Many have no carving involved and would be easy for kids to help with. Take a look!

Both Olaf and Sven were there. Olaf is three pumpkins stacked and painted. He has twig arms, felt and pompom features, a scarf, and googly eyes:

Sven is a squash and a pumpkin with felt features, eyelash yarn hair and eyebrows, and twig antlers:

Their other Disney pal, Nemo, was also there. His fins looked like they might be made of modeling clay:

Other character pumpkins included Cookie Monster, M&Ms, and Mario. Cookie Monster was painted blue and had ping pong ball eyes. His mouth was carved and stuffed full of cookies. :-)

The M&M display included one large pumpkin painted like the M&M mascot (note: she's dressed like a bunny for Halloween!) and 6 mini pumpkins painted like regular M&Ms.

The Mario pumpkin was hand-painted and probably takes a little more skill than most people have! (Certainly more than I do!)

Finally, here were a few non-character pumpkins that you just won't believe. Here's a witch's cauldron display:

And a giant caramel apple:

And my personal favorite, a box of Dunkin Donuts made with mini pumpkins. I literally did a double-take on this one (Why are there doughnuts on the pumpkin table???):

The pumpkins that the doctors, nurses, and other support staff used for the competition were grown at The Farm at The Children's Home of Winston Salem:

A BIG THANKS to Ford, Simpson, Lively, and Rice for knowing how to put a smile on a kid's face even when he's feeling yucky! Really, hands-down the BEST pediatricians around even when they're not professionally painting pumpkins.

And the moral of this story is that sometimes when life hands you lemons, you're really getting pumpkins - and awesome ones at that.

For those of you interested, Aidyn was diagnosed with a simple virus (not strep and not the flu - woot!). Doctors say that he should be start to feel better by tomorrow. Yay!

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