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It's a BOO-tiful Day in the Neighborhood

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let it never be said that our little town doesn't get into the Halloween spirit.  I have often said that if our neighbors did Halloween this well when we were growing up, I would have been in Halloween heaven. Alas, a lit pumpkin on the porch was about as spooktacular as it ever got back then.  But, my oh my, the times sure have changed. 

And a quick trip around town with my trusty camera was all it took to capture these ghouls, spooks, and specters getting ready for their big night. 


This house always decorates this topiary for the season.  Over the summer, it was a bride, but this witch takes the cake.  I love her and her boots sticking out of the bottom. 

This witch seems to have had a crash landing.  Those legs are pretty sweet, and I love the pumpkin topiaries flanking the doorway. 

And I saw this lovely for the first time yesterday.  No doubt she is resting up for Friday night. 


I have been in love with this Halloween house for as long as I've lived here.  Those are the biggest spiders I've ever seen, and they descend upon this house about this time every year.  Creepy. 

As you can see, the spiders extend all the way around the house.  

And then a little ways down the street, you run into this house.  Take a look at this spider and it's eerie warning. 

Now, take a look at the house it belongs to.  These spiders have been working overtime.  Under all that spider web, is an actual house.  They definitely win the prize for most use of spider webs. 

Speaking of spider webs, this one belongs to our neighbor.  But I did a double take when I saw their mummy door.  Extra points for that!!

Ghouls from the Great Beyond:

I have actually introduced you to this house once before.  Although you might not recognize it now.  It would seem that this year, the skeletons have taken over for a frightening update to this porch. 

Although, upon closer inspection, I think these skeletons are actually partying.  It would appear that the skeleton in the center is running a DJ booth, while the others are dancing and enjoying the night.  Maybe this isn't quite so scary after all.  

But this house gave me an unexpected surprise.  Amidst the beautiful fall displays stand two life sized mummies on either side of their front door.  

This haunted henchman just showed up recently in our neighborhood.

 As did this spooky graveyard.

But it's not all frightful.  These sweet little dancing ghosts belong to our next door neighbors.

And in case you are wondering what our Halloween display looks like, here you go.  Not at all scary.  Full of pumpkins, including that cute one on Daddy's lap. 

 I hope you too are getting in the spirit.  Only a few days left!

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