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Product Review: Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Has anyone else had a chance to test drive the new Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizers yet?  Well, I have, and let me be the first to share my thoughts on this new take on lotion. 

I will begin with a confession.  Moisturizing is one of those beauty rituals that I absolutely hate, and if I have to skip a step in my morning routine to save some time, that's always the one I skip.  I should say I do religiously moisturize my face, morning and night, but I'm talking about lotioning my arms, legs, and all the rest.  It just takes time to do and time to dry.  And that's usually time that I just don't have.  And before you judge me for this little confession, just ask yourself what is the step in your beauty routine that you can do without.   I mean do you always shave your legs every day in the wintertime?  When is the last time you curled your eyelashes?  Or your hair for that matter?  Ok, so maybe we are just talking about me again.  I should really get back to my review before I incriminate myself further.  :)

As I was saying, I recently came across this new Vaseline product and decided to take it for a spin. As you can see, this moisturizer comes in three scents: original, aloe, and coconut.  I choose the original scent for myself.  And it works very much like spray on sunscreen.  You just point the nozzle toward your skin and spray in one continuous motion.  It goes on lightly and quickly, and you just give it a quick rub to work it in, and voila, you are done!  It does dry incredibly fast, so you are able to pretty much put your clothes right on without waiting around for it. 

I was a bit hesitant at first as to how well it would moisturize since it does go on so lightly and dry so quickly.  But it really does leave your skin feeling soft and conditioned.  So if you are like me, this might just be one to try. 

As with most new products, there are also usually plenty of coupons floating around out there too.

Overall, I'd say this is a pretty nifty new take on lotion.  Will I completely replace all my moisturizers with Vaseline Spray & Go?  Probably not, but on days where time in tight and I'm tempted to skip this step, I'd say I've found my solution.

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Jean Marie said...

Would definately recommend this product over any body lotions.
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