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Charlotte Rae and The Lil Mermaid

Friday, August 9, 2013

This summer, Charlotte took on the Kirby Theater in the 'Boro.  We Harris Sisters are no strangers to the Kirby.  We made our own debut in a 1980s production of The Velveteen Rabbit.  I still have my original playbook, and to this day, that particular story is near to my heart for the sole reason that I had a very brief part in a small town play.

I have been trying to get Charlotte to check it out for a few years now, and with a church Christmas play under her belt and a gymnastics meet, she finally mustered up the courage to be pushed onto center stage and audition.

She may have looked nervous, but I was absolutely blown away!  This tiny girl gets up there and threw down an absolutely awesome performance.  (I'm sure it was almost as good as my babydoll performance in The Velveteen Rabbit!)

We decked Charlotte out for the big show!  And that is no easy task.  The director wanted big, curly, mermaid hair, but our hair lols at a curling iron.  Regardless, we got 'er done.

The Mersisters did a doo-wop song.

Shoop, shoop

Curtain Call for the Mersisters

(Oh, and here's everybody else.)

It surely has been a whirlwind, Little Mermaid Summer!

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Donna Deanna Misty Harris said...

I sure hope she enjoyed it. She looked the part so much so she could have been Ariel herself!

Ryan Carr said...

hi good

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