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Happy Sister's Day!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I bet you didn't know that the first Sunday in August is designated as "Sister's Day." Never fear, you can count on the Harris Sisters to keep you informed about this and other important events!

That about sums up what having sisters is like.

Just look at this old photo of us. Deanna and I were in college and Misty was in high school. And we were cracking ourselves up (as Harris sisters are prone to do - what with our stellar sense of humor). You would have thought by the way we were acting that we were back in elementary school!

So, get in touch with your sister today and tell her Happy Sister's Day. And if you don't have a sister, I'm thinking you missed out on some serious fun. You can be an honorary Harris Sister if you'd like! (We promise to share all of our good times right here on the blog.)
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