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Chore Invoice

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I just recently bought my (shall we say) methodical daughter this:

We have tried before to do a regular allowance, but even now, there is very little that Charlotte has to have.  Still, being methodical and all, she likes to count her money.  Here, she can record the chores that she has done throughout the week (that she gets paid for*), tally them up, and present me with a "bill".

*Some chores, like making her bed, she does for free.  And those chores have to be done before payday.

This has worked pretty well.  I thought it would be fun for her.  There wasn't anything about doing chores that we needed to fix per-say.  However, I did always have to remind her, "Now, do this; now, do that."  With her invoice system, she actually has taken some initiative.  When she has some spare time, she knocks out quite a few chores, and makes sure to write them down.  She even looks for things that she can do.

Amid the chore charts and crafts projects that have sprung up over the years concerning chores, this method works surprisingly well, for older kids anyway.

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