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Homeschool: Organization and Printables

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome to our school room!

This week, I added the final touches to our school room. I went to Lowes in search of peg board and found some large sheets for $17!!! That was too much for me, as I only needed a small size to fit in my little space. Then, just as I was about to leave, I spotted this one. It is 4 ft and only 6 bucks. Perfecto!

In the section for organizing garages at the Lowes, they have these hooks that fit into peg board which I bought to hang my clipboards. (I actually found those first, and almost put them back before I spied the smaller pegboard that I wanted.) They are not very long, and they are sold in a pack of 4. I also got that cool little basket under my Welcome sign in the same place.

Because we have absolutely no studs in our walls at all, Howard first attached a 2x4 behind the pegboard on both ends and then attached the pegboard to it. This is a good solution anyway. Otherwise, the board would be too close to the wall to put hooks into it.

I  bought the clipboards at Walmart. Note, for this project you must use the old school clipboards with the metal clips, if you use the hooks from Lowes. I had to look on the school aisle at Walmart--not the back to school aisle--because the clipboards there only have a tiny pull out hole to hang it by.

I thought clipboards would be ideal for keeping up with all the daily stuff we need to keep track of.  Here are the majorly important stuff on mine (so far):
  1. Attendance--Here is the link for the one I have.  You have to have a record of attendance here in NC, and this is the recommended one. 
  2. Daily Planner--It would be a shame not to buy any school supplies at all. I bought mine at Walmart.
  3. Phys. Ed. Planner--This is a nifty little free printable I came across.  Exercise is not my strong suit, so I will take all the help I can get. I also found this website with some pretty cool PE ideas and free printables like coloring sheets and word finds.
  4. 31 Days of Praying Over Your Homeschool--I found this awesome printable over at Bible Based Homeschooling, and now, I can keep it at my fingertips.
I only started out with the four clipboards, but I have plenty of room to add more.  For example, I know I will be needing a reading log as we are already signed up for Bookit.  For now, on the other end of my board, I covered it with a solid color wrapping paper and a border from none other than the DG!

Not bad for the DG.  In fact, they have a whole little section for school room set ups. I also got this dry erase Daily Activity Poster:

I hung every Carson Dellosa poster I had (Thank you, Donna) at Emma Lola height:

And created a reading nook with a bean bag chair and a well-place poster:

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