Bathroom Organization for Under $10

Friday, August 9, 2013

I recently upgraded my bathroom organization with one trip to the dollar store, and I was so pleased with how it came out after I finished that I would literally go into my bathroom and open my cabinet just to stare at my beautiful creation!

You can get these stackable containers at the dollar store. I couldn't stack quite as high on the right because of the pipes, but I'm sure I will be able to use the extras somewhere else in my house that desperately needs more organization. (I'm thinking these containers would be good for storing canned goods in the kitchen, too.)  

So, all for $7, I am now able to find everything I need without having to dig through my cabinet. And, because we rent, this was the perfect solution for us. I don't feel like I am paying an arm and a leg for an organizational rack that we would have to install and then potentially leave with the house if we ever move.


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