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One Man's Trash: Child's Playhouse

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Folks, it doesn't get much "trashier" than this.  My husband has done it once again, and this time he scored BIG, and directly out of the trash, which means this find ended up costing us nothing at all. Without further ado, I give you Lexi's new playhouse, courtesy of our neighbor's street trash.  

Let's just consider this the before photo, because we have big plans for this sweet little house.  As you can see, one of the windows is in need of repair, and the door is missing its bottom panel.  Let's just say it was in well-loved condition when we found it.  But on the up-side, this house has great bones. It has a large bay window on the opposing side, a working doorbell, and a big open interior.  

I simply must tell you the story of how it came to pass that we acquired this little house because it's quite funny.  We were leaving our neighborhood a few weeks back, and my husband slammed on the brakes and said, "Did you see that little house back there?"  Of course, I hadn't seen it, so he backed up to take a look.  It was literally discarded to the side of the road in a pile of trash and yard rubbish. John asked me if we wanted it for Lexi to use in our back yard, and of course I said YES!!  

The only trouble was it was too big to fit in the back of our SUV, so we went on our way and decided if it was still there later, we would enlist the help of our next door neighbor and his truck. Apparently, it was meant to be because that's just what we did.  This isn't the first time my hubby has scored loot directly from the trash.  He's a junker from way back- he learned it from his dad.  They are the modern day Sanford and Son.  :)

Looks like the girls are gonna have a big time playing in this little house this summer.  Stay tuned to the blog for "After" pictures once we doll it up.  Until then, I will leave you with this little tidbit.  We did a quick Amazon search and found this exact house for sale - for over $1000.  I'd say this is most certainly a case of One Man's Trash....  Possibly our best score to date.  
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joy teasley said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see it all remodeled into even more fabulousness:)

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