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National Grammar Day: Spell Check Poem

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today is March 4, which marks National Grammar Day. So, I thought I'd bring you this funny poem to celebrate. It certainly emphasizes the importance of knowing how to spell (or use a good old fashioned dictionary) instead of ONLY relying on your spell check. ;-)

That being said, having been a professional Copy Editor and Proofreader for many years. Please do spell check. It's your last line of defense! I want you to do it, and so does Uncle Sam:

Always arm yourself with good grammar:

Happy Grammar Day, folks!
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Helen Allen said...

I just found your blog this morning and did enjoy it, particularly this post. Were y'all taught by nuns in parochial school? They were certainly sticklers for grammar.

Donna Deanna Misty Harris said...

Hi Helen. No, we went to good, old-fashioned public school. BUT! Our mama was a stickler for grammar and spelling and passed it down to us girls. ;-)

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