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Meet Our Very Own Easter Bunny

Monday, March 4, 2013

Meet our sweet little Easter bunny, Petunia Primrose.  It's hard to believe, but she has been with us for almost a year now.  She's a black and white miniature lop.  Just look at those big old floppy ears, and that precious face.  I love her little "mustache".  

We started hunting around this time last year for a bunny to fill this beautiful rabbit hutch that my father-in-law built for me a couple of Christmases ago.   As you can see, we nestled it into our tree line in the back yard.  In the Spring, that whole area comes alive with plants and trees flowering and blooming.  And our sweet little Petunia just basks in the shade of her bunny mansion. 

She does great in the winter too.  In fact, they say rabbits do better outside in the colder months than they do in the warmer months.  Either way, I keep a close eye on this girl.  She has a little bunny heater in her upper compartment for the winter, and a heated water bottle in case the temps dip below freezing.  She also has her own personal fan for the summer.  And I freeze water bottles and dutifully tote them out to her on hot days.  She just stretches herself out beside them in the shade.  This rabbit has it better than most of us!

We let her out of her hutch and she bounces all over the yard, checking everything out.  She is so NOSY!  She gets into everything, sniffing and hopping all around.  What a cutie.  

But if I had a few wishes regarding my sweet bunny, they would be this.  1.  That I can one day figure out how to keep our puppy from chasing her like she was some common run of the mill rabbit that doesn't belong here.  2.  And if I could get my poor hubbie to mend his fences with sweet Petunia.  (He scared her last Summer, and she *accidentally* bit him.)  Things haven't been the same since.  3.  And finally, if I could have one more wish- it would be to figure out how to get my bunny to lay those elusive Cadbury Eggs.  Come on, Petunia, I just know you can do it.  A girl can dream, right?

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