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Monday, March 11, 2013

April 29, 2013! A day that will live in infamy! (OK, so maybe that last part was a little over the top.)

I give you the current cast of, wait for it, All My Children:

Otherwise known to THIS Harris sister as All My Childrens OR "the story" (what your grandmother might have called it), it will be airing this time on HULU and iTunes. Full details here: Deadline.com.

We Harris sisters grew up on ABC daytime programming: All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital, and as schedules got more hectic, I had to pair down to just one. THIS was the one that I clung to until the bitter end (September 23, 2011 on regular television for anyone who might not have been paying close attention, which was also Aidyn's 6th birthday).

My family happens to have another special connection to this "story" - at some point, someone pointed out to us that everyone in my immediate family has a first name that matches a character from All My Children:

Donna: Donna Beck Tyler Cortlandt Sago Tyler
Ryan: Ryan Lavery
Aidyn: Aidan Devane
Jaxon: Jackson Montgomery

THAT is dedication, my friends. :-) I will definitely be tuning in on April 29 to see what my friends in Pine Valley are up to.

Right now, they are apparently doing the Harlem Shake:

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Misty Turner said...

OMG...That's too funny!

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