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DIY: Play Kitchen

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In this edition of Furniture Castoff Makeover, we are bringing new life to this little number: 

This piece originally had little doors on the front (which I did not approve of and removed right away) and after a few years of looking at this and moving it from room to room, I decided it had a second calling.  On a side note, its sister piece, a hutch, was transformed into a Barbie House. Check out that makeover here. As you can see, I already had some Pinsperation going on.

First, we visited our fave aisle of the Lowes and came away with this awesome green "kitchen-y" paint. Charlotte picked it out and then dressed it up:

We removed the bottom drawer to paint it, and I had Daddy come over to drill a nice little hole for the sink in the top.

The "sink" was a silver bowl that I bought at my favorite thrift store Eplus Thrift. The burners were old cds that I spray painted metallic. Using the same metallic paint, I made the faucet out of a plastic tube that I also picked up at Lowes. 

The curtain was an old baby papoose "carrier"that I had little use for because I had a very large baby. Donna fashioned it into a curtain by cutting it to make it into one long piece of fabric and then hemming. Even these simple sewing projects are beyond me! Since the fabric hung all the way down the front, I left the drawer out.  (However, it may pop back up in another DIY.) You can see that I haven't put the knobs on yet for the stove. That's a Howard project, but I found these cute antique-y ones at The Hobby Lobby.

 I still have a little ways to go on completing this. I think I may also add a back with a few shelves and maybe a phone, but the girls are already taking orders.

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