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Bring It On Down to Veganville

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OK, so now that I'm getting on up there in years and I can't quite stay up late enough to see the genius that is Saturday Night Live when it originally airs, I tend to watch the highlights online.

This week, "Live from New York" it was: Justin Timberlake in perhaps his BEST "Ville" skit yet: Veganville. In it, he dresses as a block of tofu, and if you can believe it, he even manages to mention the benefits of fiber whilst rapping a parody of "Ice, Ice, Baby" - I was literally crying laughing. And, of course they end with a "Vegan" Harlem Shake. See for yourself:

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Misty Turner said...

JT is Charlotte's fave! She said he's the dancing paper bag?

Donna Walkush said...

In this one, he is actually a block of tofu. There are others (Homelessville, where he is a cup of soup, Liquorville, where he is a bottle of beer, Plasticville, where he is a breast implant, and Omeletteville, where he is an omelette).

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