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Little Red Riding Hood

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is my latest crochet creation, and I'm so proud! My niece Emma just looks adorable in her red hooded cape:

I used this free crochet pattern for a toddler sized (2T) Red Riding Hood cape: Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern and it couldn't have been easier. I followed the instructions exactly (which is VERY unusual for me - I generally modify SOMETHING - but there was no need to here).

Now, I know you must be thinking, "Why is this crazy woman giving a RED cape to a toddler at EASTER of all times????" Well, as it so happens, we have a long-standing tradition of wearing red hooded attire at Easter time in the Harris family. Check out this cherished family photo circa 1980:

That's me (the, ahem, sassy one) and Deanna hunting Easter eggs with our red hooded sweaters. I'm sure you're now thinking, "Wow, I guess she got one too many black jelly beans in her Easter basket . . . . " ;-) If you've been reading the blog for any length of time, you'll note that I've commented before on the "olden" days of only having the ability to take 24 or 36 photos on film cameras in Now You're Just Somebody That I Used to Know and you just kind of got what you got because there was no way to preview them. Of course, sometimes THOSE were the photos that years down the road turn out to be the cherished family memories (because they are hilarious).

Anyhootle, if you crochet, give this pattern a try in red or in any other color. It won't disappoint.
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Misty Turner said...

Emma Lola likes a hood! And this one is Quality with a capital Q!

Rachel Bonitz said...

Cute cape on a cute little girl Found your blog post while I was investigating the pattern, since I am thinking of making one for my 2 year old daughter Tiri.

MamaOlympias said...

My niece is requesting a cape like this for Halloween... except she is 8. How do I resize this?!

Donna Walkush said...

Well, the original designer of the pattern did not give directions for resizing. But, I can tell you that the first piece that you make (the ribbing) is one long piece that forms the two front pieces and the part that frames the hood. The pattern specifies that that piece is 32" when complete to give you a gauge. The rest of the cape is then crocheted to that piece (the final seam is sewn up the back). So, if I were to attempt to make this bigger, I would start by making that first piece larger than 126 rows. Of course, this will involve some math because there are short rows and long rows that are different sizes. The easiest option (math-wise) would be to make the first piece 1 1/2 times or 2 times or 3 times, etc. the size of the original. Then you should be able to apply that same principle to the rest of the stitches (I would think). The process of making this pattern larger may involve some trial and error. Hope this helps!

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