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My (not-so-secret) Fascination with Kate Middleton

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I must admit I have been quite fascinated with this young lady for some time now.  In a world that increasingly seems to celebrate immodesty, this lady stands out in the crowd for being just that- a lady. 

It is so refreshing to see this natural beauty shine so brightly.  You never see the Duchess wearing provocative, short, or skin-tight clothing.  She doesn't wear over the top makeup, and her hair has almost become it's own entity.  I mean, who doesn't want her big bouncy curls?  She is always pulled together so nicely, and the world has taken notice.  Virtually everything she wears instantly sells out of the stores.  She has even got this generation wearing hosiery again!  Now, that's a feat in itself.  


And, if that weren't enough, she wears hats!  Oh, how I wish that we Americans were more prone to this lady-like look.  But alas, even I must admit that I usually only wear a hat when I am heading to the gym to hide my bed-head hair.  Maybe I will wear a hat for Easter this year, or maybe I can get John to take me to a horse race so I can try out this look.  :)

Even her formal gowns feature floor length hemlines and long sleeves (as did her famous wedding dress, if you will recall).  And she still looks more beautiful than anyone else out there.  Compare that to some of the gaudy red-carpet fashion from last weekend's Grammy Awards.  Not much competition there. 

Kate has been both praised and critiqued for wearing common clothing lines.  To me, that makes her all the more endearing, and always leaves me wondering what fabulous outfit she will show up in next.  If you are as interested as I am in following Kate Middleton's fashions, there is a Website that is dedicated to chronicling her clothing, footwear, jewelry, and handbags.  And I also found a wonderful Facebook page called RepliKate, that shows you how to get Kate's classic look. 

Trivial?  Maybe, but oh so much fun.  Enjoy!

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