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I'm Sweet on You, Valentine

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I ran across this vintage Valentine's PEZ ad the other day, and I thought it was adorable:

My reasons for loving this ad are threefold:
  • Apparently back in the day, PEZ dispensers didn't have character faces on them, and that made them look like cigarette lighters, which is questionable at best.
  • That little cupid looks just like my boys did when they were babies.
  • Also back in the day, you could plunk down a quarter and walk out with a shiny new (and personalized AND gold encrusted) PEZ dispenser. Shmancy!
While the price of PEZ dispensers has certainly increased over the years, their popularity has increased right along with it. The boys love them as noted here: Oh Mickey, You're So Fine and here: Trick or Treat.
And as per usual, they'll be getting Valentine-themed PEZ this Thursday. Even though they won't be gold encrusted, I'm sure they can't wait.
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Misty Turner said...

Ha ha...When I first saw it, I was trying to figure out where that cigarette lighter was lighting the cupid--if he had fire arrows or something, and then I realized, OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, that's right! It's a pez dispenser!

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