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Drug Store Alternative to Pricey Mascara

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I don't know about you, but I have hunted high and low for a mascara that actually makes my lashes full, thick, long, strong, voluminous, and just plain pretty.  And over the years I have tried them all.  If you have ever spent much time looking at mascaras in the stores, you might have noticed what I have- most brands of mascara promise only one thing- either that they will thicken your lashes, lengthen your lashes, volumize your lashes, or whatever- but very few promise to do ALL those things.  And that's exactly what I want, dang it!  Why can't a girl have it all?

But there is good news!  I have found the one that does do it all.  And even better news is that it's a drug store brand- so it's a low cost alternative to those pricey department store brands.  So which one is it?

Drumroll please....   L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

And the one pictured in exactly the one you are looking for.  Like most brands, this one comes in lots of different varieties.  Choose the one that days "Original" right on the package.  It is a good value no matter where you shop, and it's literally the best mascara I have ever worn.

This one is a good one, ladies.  So get out there and doll up those eyes.

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