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Top 7 Movies You've Never Heard Of

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You probably have heard, that one of the Duck Dynasty boys was ejected recently from a hotel.  He claims, "Facial Profiling."  Trust me, we know about "Facial Profiling".  Howard has two looks:

The HomelessMan, Bearded Look
The Distinguished Grizzly Adams Look

I submit to you that sometimes profiling can be quite useful.  In fact, I welcome it where Netflix is concerned. We do not have cable, but we have found some other sources of TV and movie entertainment, including Netflix and Hulu. I have especially enjoyed how Netflix allows you to rate movies as you watch them and then, makes recommendations based on your tastes. I have discovered my true taste in movies is not really all that mainstream, and I quite enjoy Netflix recommendations. That is, unless the baby has taken over and watched cartoons all morning.

In that same spirit, here are some of my recommendations for some thought-provoking, lesser known, but just plain good movies.

These first 3 are all foreign movies and subtitled.  I have found that some of my faves are, and since I usually turn on captions for everything I watch, this doesn't really bug me.
  • Fiorile is a true gem. The genre it would belong to would also be home to The Princess Bride. It tells a story - a refreshingly good one.  

  • Amelie - You might find Amelie to be a little slow going, but also thought provoking.  

  • Romantics Anonymous is a little bit quirky, but a cute story. 

The next 3 are in English, just lesser known.


Lastly, I really liked Faith Like Potatoes which was a Christian movie.  

I might also note that they have a whole Christian category of movies that you can search through. So, if you are looking for something to watch on a dreary afternoon, shoot for one of these on Netflix, and make sure you rate it, so Netflix can figure you out! 

Though, being that our account is in Howard's name, they probably think Howard looks more like this:

(Because yes, I am a Disney Princess!)

Than this:

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SueMo said...

The Station Agent is one of my favorites. I also love Romantics Anonymous. Now I will watch the others. Thank you for the recommendations. :)

Misty Turner said...

Your welcome! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves these!

Alexia Tessier said...

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