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Pumpkin Decorating Party - 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If you haven't decorated your pumpkins yet, there are still a few more days left until Halloween. And, wouldn't you know it? We were visiting our local doctor's office (again) and they were having their annual pumpkin decorating contest (again), so I just couldn't resist snapping a few photos and bringing you these last-minute, no carve pumpkin decorating ideas.

These look super easy to accomplish and let me tell you, they will certainly impress! (And if you happen to be reading this after the holiday has passed, make sure to pin these ideas for next year!)

First up are two of my favorites (and front-runners to win the competition if you ask me):

A Star Wars Tie Fighter - The pumpkin is painted silver and a black pattern is painted on the front. Two tin cans are attached to the pumpkin with duct tape. Two large octagons were cut from cardboard and painted black. The pattern was created on them with more duct tape. The octagons were attached to the tin cans with duct tape.

R2D2 - The pumpkin was painted with white, royal blue, gray, and black paint. A soda bottle top was affixed to the top for a 3-D affect. His legs were made of foam and painted.

In keeping with the space theme, there was also a UFO and aliens pumpkin set! The UFO spaceship was a large pumpkin that was painted silver. The ring around the spaceship is cardboard that has also been painted. It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but a battery-operated strand of Christmas lights was attached to the outer edge of the cardboard ring so that the spaceship lit up! The aliens were made of mini pumpkins that were painted lime green. Their eyes were chenille stems that were twisted around pencils to create curls and then glued to the pumpkins. Each chenille stem was then topped with a googly eye.

Up next (and perfect for a doctor's office) is Doc McStuffins and her lamb, Lambie. Both pumpkins were given a great paint job. Doc's body seemed to be created from pool noodles, toddler clothes, and a toy doctor set. The lamb was completed with cotton balls.

This friendly lion was created with construction paper loops for his mane. His face was painted and his whiskers are chenille stems. He would make the perfect companion to a Dorothy, Tin Man, and Scarecrow! (Hint: Use the Doc McStuffins idea above to create those.)

And finally, a sure winner with the superhero fans that come through the office, The Batman pumpkin! If you look closely, you'll see that the actual pumpkin is painted to look like Batman answering the Bat signal over Gotham. It is dressed with the Joker on top of the pumpkin and the rest of Gotham City and characters around the pumpkin.

So there you have it! And make sure to check out our no carve and low carve pumpkin decorating ideas from last year too.

Happy Halloween!

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