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Fall Family Photos Through the Years

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Five years ago, on a whim, John and I decided to take a photo together on the front steps of our house at Halloween time.  Since then, it has become somewhat of a tradition.  It's fun to look back on these photos and see how things have changed: our family, my hair (!), the color of our fall mums, and the volume of our fall-time decorations. 
Here's the run down for you....
2015: John and I have been married for four years now.  Babydoll is almost 18 months old, and sweet Izzie is nearly five years old.  We will always carve out time to get this photo every year from now on. 
2014: Married three years.  Babydoll was born in the spring of the year and joined us for this photo for the first time.  Izzie, however, is now a pro at these photos.

2013: Married for two years, and just found out we were expecting Babydoll (though we had not yet announced it to anyone)!

2012: Married for one year. But this was the third year of us doing this picture.  By this time, we knew it had already become an annual tradition.

2011:  Just married!  We married in September of 2011, and got Izzie the Wonder Pup that year too!  We decided to recreate this photo with the new addition to our family.

2010:  John and I met around this time of year in 2008.  Two years later, we were engaged to be married.  This is where these photos all began. 

I can't say enough how much I love getting these annual photos.  It is such fun to recreate them every year and look back at them all as the years pass.  Is there a certain photo that you take every year?  I would LOVE to hear all about them!  Comment below or on our Facebook page! 
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