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Decorating for Autumn: Halloween Entryway

Friday, October 9, 2015

I had an inspired idea the other day (no doubt when I was perusing the Pinterest) to pair pumpkins with candlestick holders.  My candlestick holders, which usually occupy my bathroom, happened to be out on the table after a power outage, so I spiffed them up with some tiny pumpkins. 

As far as holiday decorating goes, this is far and away above my usual, single decoration, and I do already have a Halloween kitchen towel adorning one of my kitchen cabinets.

I thought this turned out absolutely lovely, but then I thought maybe I would do something with my entryway.  You know, just in case some kids come looking for candy at some point.

So, I rummaged around and found a few things.  I took to my local Dollar General and found this spooky gray netting and some horrific orange and black wrapped Halloween candy that I just knew would be sitting around until next Halloween:

(Little did I know that my family will sneak anything that even has the pretense of being candy!) Anyhoo, one of the coolest things I brought to my little display was the pictures.  I had an old picture of the girls from a previous Halloween.  I then framed two other Halloween-y pictures of their chosen costumage for this year: a witch for Emma and Charlotte will become Emma Swan from TV's "Once Upon a Time".

I have actually had this picture for a while, and it was headed toward Charlotte's room, but I thought what a neat way to remember what they were this year by incorporating it into the decor.

I actually stole those frames from another area in my house.  So that I wouldn't leave a big hole on one of my bookcases, I drug out Charlotte's entire reading selection for the next two years, and what do you know, Frankenstein was among them!  


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