Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free Printables for Handmade Christmas Gifts

Christmas will be here in about 3 weeks. For all you crafters out there who are planning the mammoth task of giving handmade Christmas gifts, I've collected below some labels for your handmade items, including baked goods, canned goods, and other food gifts and crocheted, knitted, and hand sewn items.

If you're still searching for other free printables such as gift labels, decor, etc., please make sure to check out our three color themed collections from last year:

I also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to FREE Christmas Printables, which I will be loading up with these finds today and with others in the coming weeks. So make sure to follow it for all the latest finds. Also check out and follow my Christmas Pinterest board for awesome decorating ideas and inspiration.

First up are these funny Christmas cookie tin labels from Studio DIY. These feature both There Are No Calories in Christmas and Santa Won't Miss These designs:

I love these chalkboard labels by Valerie McKeehan at World Label. She's designed an entire set of labels for tins, Mason Jars, paper bags, boxes, or whatever container you could think of to gift any type of food gift. Take a look:

And here's another chalkboard set with all types of labels by Lia Griffith at World Label. These labels range from cookie labels to jam labels to even wine labels. I actually have a friend who makes wine - these might come in handy! ;-) These can be fully customized on the downloadable pdf with the name of your gift and your name before you print.

Here are some canning or Mason jar labels by Garden Therapy if you've made a big batch of homemade goodies to give away. They would go perfectly with the Harris Sisters Crockpot Apple Butter recipe.

Here's another Mason jar topper and subway art wrapper from Balancing Home:

And another three sets of canning jar toppers from My Frugal Home. These include kraft paper, Christmas, and plaid/floral designs in both regular and wide-mouthed sizes. These can also be customized with the name of the contents, your name, and date before printing.

Here's another set of jam labels from The Elli Blog. Love that they say that you're gift is "jam-packed" with love. ;-)

Another set of Homemade with Love mason jar toppers from Drifter and the Gypsy.

These mason jar hang tags from the Cottage Industralist are adorable (links for recipe cards and mason jar toppers are also included at link).

Love this Baked with Love tag from Lil Luna. Use it to doll up a loaf of your favorite sweet bread, such as the Harris Sisters Super Moist Pumpkin Bread, Sweet Potato Pecan Bread, Nutella Banana Swirl Bread, or Cranberry Zucchini Bread. TIP: wrap the bread in a clear plastic bag before wrapping in decorative paper and attaching the Baked with Love tag (that way, the recipient won't have to eat it as soon as you give it).

And here's another Baked with Love bread wrap at Pretty Providence.

This bread wrapper features a popular chalkboard theme from Fleece Fun.

And for all you yarn enthusiasts, here are some adorable Crocheted with Love and Hand Knit with Love labels from Cobberson & Company. Try pairing these with any of the free crochet patterns featured on the Harris Sisters blog.

Here's another card for handmade items by Little Monkey's Crochet. It would be perfect for crochet, knit, or sewn items.

And here's another free printable from Buttons for your crocheted, knit, or sewn items:

This one from Everything Etsy cracks me up. It says This is handmade, so you better like it! And the great thing about this free printable is that when you download the pdf, you can type in a "from" and your name before you print it. Pretty schmancy! Many other free printables at this link - this one was just my favorite.

Here's another tag from Melissa Esplin to attach to any hand crafted gift item - Made just for you, by me.

And here's another free printable label by She Wears Many Hats that can go with any handmade item.

Also suitable for any sort of handmade gift are these adorable labels at Paper Crave, featuring Handmade with Love, From Me to You, Made with Love, From the Kitchen of, From My Kitchen, Handmade, and Homemade, among others.

Another great set for any type of handmade gift from Alice and Lois. These are available to download in both large and small sizes.

Happy crafting and you've got about 3 weeks to finish your projects! Get crackin! :-)

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  1. Thanks for including my gift tags! <3

    Kym @ Cobberson & Co.

  2. LOVE your crochet and knit gift tags, Kym! So happy to include them in this roundup! I know they'll make the perfect finishing touch for many a Christmas gift this year.

  3. lovely ideas, which I can use directly


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