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Misty's Favorite Things-Holiday 2014 Edition

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I guess it is my turn for a big reveal of ten things that bless me. I have to say, I struggled a little because the first thing I thought of was these guys:

and the hubs (in no particular order):

but I guess this is more along the lines of what we are looking for:

I have to say, I have not been particularly good at even picking out lipstick shades as of late, so I really had to delve deep into the recesses of my brain here.

Like I said, this is really delving. When I went to Russia fifteen years ago, I was really impressed by the heated towel bars in the hotel bathrooms. I was so impressed that when I returned home, I sought one out and found one at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond, one of my go-to stores, and I must say, it comes in very handy living in a log cabin!

2.  Christmas Socks

Well, it's all about staying warm over here, so every Christmas when I dig out my socks that have long since been retired for Summer, I am pleasantly surprised to find these little numbers just waiting to be donned. They are almost akin to hospital socks and probably second cousins with an ugly Christmas sweater, but even looking at them now puts a smile on my face. They are magnificent!

3.  Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

Anyone who has ever had coffee with me has probably laughed, if not to my face, then after the fact. In fact, I have snickered at myself from time to time over how much sugar I put in my coffee. I discovered Hazelnut creamer just last year. I may be the last person on the planet to have found it, but it is awesome and whenever I want to treat myself, I head for the coffee aisle. With this little addition to my morning coffee, I don't add quite as much sugar (most of the time, that is).

4.  Jane Eyre

Last Spring, I broke two toes while bicycling with flip flops on, so let me first recommend against that. During my recovery period, I nurtured a slight obsession with Jane Eyre, in which I watched almost every movie adaptation made. What a heroine! Jane is well worth a read and a gander.

I am a long time fan of Once Upon a Time. It takes the fairy tales that we all grew up with and tells the back story, all the while knitting all of the characters from the different stories together. It is written very smartly by the same writers who gave us Lost, and it is peppered with funnies which I quite enjoy. You can check it out on Netflix where they are streaming the first three seasons.

6.  Shutterfly Photo Book

I'm not sure this would fall into the category of treat or guilty pleasure, but every year at about this time, I like to compile a photo book on Shutterfly. It is almost like making a scrapbook. You can choose a theme, how to place your pictures on each page, and add wording. You set up your photo book how you want it, and they print it out for you and ship it directly to your door. It is a little time consuming but so much easier to keep track of pictures. I have started doing one per year, (and they have gotten thicker and thicker with each passing year) but you can also do them for special occasions or whatever you want really. 

Yes, that's right--when you hit middle age, this is what makes you excited! I discovered a hole in my sheets the other day and was pretty miffed that this sheet set that I distinctly remember purchasing around the time of Black Friday last year has already bit the dust. In the midst of me Googling darning and reorganizing our linen closet and pretty much doing frenzied laps around my husband on the couch, he took it upon himself to order two new sets. I was thrilled and then a little leery because I have ordered sheets off the Internet before, and though the thread count met with my approval, the elastic most certainly did not. Clara Clark knows her sheets! I am happy to report, this deluxe sheet set lives up to its name.

'nuff said!

So those are my personal faves, but I did have a few gifts that I have given out throughout the year that I thought were pretty awesome and since it is that time of year, check these out:

Granted these are on the small side (unless you live in Texas, I guess), but they are so cute, I couldn't resist doling them out as gifts. If nothing else they would make a nice cheese tray. I found them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and you can't go wrong with their 20% off coupon.

Last year, we went to a soap making demonstration. We brought home some of this goat milk soap and continued to order it as gifts. It is sold at our local farmers' market in such heavenly scents as lavender and peppermint (which we found out is very cooling and actually a good summer soap).

Looking back on this year, I feel like I have been consistently making costumes throughout the year. From plays to Halloween to mud run costumes, I am surprised I don't have more recommendations for fabric paints or glues! So, even if you feel like you live on Broadway, don't forget to treat yo self!

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