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Our Old Fashioned Nursery is All Dolled Up for Christmas

Monday, December 8, 2014

Our love of vintage Christmas decor has already been well documented, right along with our vintage baby nursery.  So as we head into Christmas, we thought why not combine the two? We wanted to keep with the theme of her nursery and incorporate vintage Christmas charm in soft pastels to match the existing decor.   Babydoll has been just fascinated with the results.  It is so magical to see her little eyes shine at the Christmas glow.

Here's a look at what we've done...

An old fashioned rag wreath leads the way into the nursery.  Just beyond, you can see a glimpse of more to come.

Her bedside table has been transformed for the season with a vintage aluminum tree.  This one is four feet tall, and has 42 pom pom style branches.  It still had the original box, instructions, and sleeves for all of the branches.  Assembly took no time, but it was the decorating that was the fun part. 

Babydoll's tree is filled with old fashioned Shiny Brite ornaments, all pastel in color.  Of course, I offered up some of my very favorites to this special tree.    Here is a closer look at the glass balls adorning her tree. 

Then, under the tree, we wrapped the base with a hand knit baby blanket for the tree skirt, and added a few of her vintage toys to complete the display. 

But the real magic comes from this lovely.  It's a color wheel!!  And babydoll is mesmerized by it.  I turn it on each night and it shines changing colors up onto the tree.  She leans way over from the chair to catch a closer glimpse of the magical light wheel.  So precious!

We also dolled up her oversized giraffe coat rack for the season.  We added a Santa hat- animal print, of course- as well as her winter coats and vests.  

This coat rack was another Nashville flea market find.  It's from the 1960s, in really good shape, and as you can see here, it's pretty big too.  It stands nearly as tall as the high boy dresser beside it. :)

 A Rudolph bubble light lights the night with a soft holiday glow. 

And to round it all out, we added her newest favorite bedtime story to the mix.  Apparently, Santa is coming to town.  That's what the old song says anyway.  I'm certain he's coming to this house.  :) What a cute read.  It is customized for Nashville with lots of references to Music City and it's landmarks.  How fun!!

So there you have it.  The holidays are in full swing in our house, and with Babydoll gearing up for her first Christmas, it's sure to be one for the history books. 
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