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An Old Fashioned Nursery for a Modern Day Princess

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It has certainly taken me long enough, but let me introduce you to our little Lexi's nursery.  She has been keeping us a bit busy these days.  So thankfully, we put the finishing touches on this sweet little room before she arrived, and now we are enjoying it every day.  

When we first learned we were having a little girl, we knew we wanted to create an old fashioned nursery, complete with lots of  vintage toys and decor, and a mix of soft pastel colors.  I think we accomplished our mission.  Here's a bird's eye view of the room.  

And a better view of her bed...  It's a round crib with a tall canopy on top.   Most people actually choose to display a round crib in the center of their room, which is also quite striking.  However, we opted to place it in the corner of the nursery because the canopy is so tall, we didn't want to cut off the view of the rest of the room.  I also like it by the window.  Lots of natural light during the day, and the constant sound of our running waterfall out back- a built in "noise machine".  

Instead of purchasing standard nursery furniture, we hunted high and low for antique pieces we could use in the room.  This changing table is actually a tiger oak piece that we found earlier this year.  My talented husband completely refinished it by whitewashing and antiquing it, and then adding new hardware.  We lined the drawers and then simply attached a changing pad on top.  And voila!  We have a piece we love and little Lexi can use for years long after the need for a changing table has passed.  

Here's a closer look at the changing table.

On the opposite wall, we added this mirrored high boy dresser.  It was an older piece, in need of some TLC.  For this one, we used a one step chalk paint, and then distressed it a bit.  This one was super easy to restore.  Again, we lined the drawers, and this time, I also added drawer dividers for all those tiny baby essentials.  Once again, we have another piece that our little girl can use in her room for years to come.  

And instead of a glider or rocker, you will see that we chose to add this oversized arm chair and ottoman in the corner.  It is super comfy, and works perfectly with the feel of this room. 

As I mentioned, we chose to decorate our nursery with vintage toys and the like.  Here's a look at some of them and how we opted to display them.  

My hubby added shelves all around the top of our room, which we filled with vintage toys that we have collected over the years.  Filling those shelves was definitely the most fun part of our nursery project!  The Cabbage Patch Kid you see below was actually mine when I was growing up.  We also added one of Izzie's Lampchop babies in this little display, along with several other dolls and animals we have managed to collect. 

That Sesame Street lunchbox was actually my very first lunchbox.  It even has my name on the inside (but sadly, no, I don't still have the thermos.)  Sitting atop my lunchbox is one of John's childhood toys- his prized General Lee Hotwheels car. 

And the Pinocchio you see here is one we collected last year at a flea market in Italy while on vacation.  It is definitely the toy that traveled the farthest to be a part of this display! 

Speaking of flea markets, we scored this sweet little table lamp at the Nashville flea market earlier this year.  It is from the 1950's and it still works perfectly as a bedside lamp. 

We scored these Jack and Jill wall hangings in my hometown a few years ago.  In fact, many of the toys we are displaying in the nursery came from Roxboro.  Love that!

And finally, you might remember that I blogged about vintage baby clothes a while back.  Here is how we ended up using them.  For the window treatment, we assembled a clothesline and attached them across the top of the window, and then hung a few other pieces from the shelving lining the top of the room.  

We couldn't be happier with the way our little Lexi's room turned out.  And I love all the vintage pieces that are breathing new life once again in our old fashioned nursery.  Even a modern day princess like our Peanut can appreciate all these blasts from the past.  Hope you enjoyed taking a peek too!

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Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

This is the best nursery I've ever seen! I love the idea of using vintage furnishings because your daughter can grow into them...they'll always work. Love the shelves filled with vintage toys and the baby clothes valance is so clever. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

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