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My Week in Pictures: June 20, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone!  It is time once again for another "My Week in Pictures", so here we go.

Oh, and in case I haven't explained it before, these posts always start with pics from my previous weekend.  Since I post these entries on Fridays, my "week' technically begins on Friday night and continues through the following Friday when I post again.   Ok, enough of all that.  Here is how it all shaped up this week.

You might remember how I was just saying last week that we needed to find a cool wagon for Lexi. Well, we happened to be out last Friday night for dinner in Spring Hill when my husband and I were having the same conversation.  He quickly did a search on Craigslist, and wouldn't you know this little beauty was for sale in Spring Hill!  We called from our restaurant and stopped by after dinner to close the deal.  I am in love with this wagon.  What a cutie!  Sometimes things just all fall into place.

One of our favorite Nashville neighborhoods was having a community yard sale on Saturday morning, so we got out and about early to check it out.  We found lots of treasures, and even got to mill around inside one of the houses for an estate sale.  What fun!  Here's a look at a "designer" birdhouse we picked up at the sales.

Little Lex needed a bottle break midway through, so we plopped down on a bench in the shade and fed her.  She loves the outside air.  Maybe not the humidity so much, but she does seem to enjoy being outside.  

Later that day, we poked around downtown Franklin.   I always loved the doors on this little house.  It's now a coffee shop, and as you can see they are open for business. 

But a couple years ago, this coffee shop wasn't there yet.  It was just a cute little house that was vacant at the time.  We used it as a backdrop for these fun photos with Misty and Howard. 

Of course, Sunday was Father's Day.  Here is our new dad and his little girl.  That look on her little face says adoration to me.  We went out for brunch to start our day.  Later, I cooked dinner and dessert. and we spent some quality family time at the park.  

This week, I also managed to get all my springtime decor packed away, and put out my cherries just in time for summer.  Here's a look at the kitchen table.  You will see I also incorporated some of my favorite jadite pieces into this table setting this year. 

And I'm sure that like your yards, ours is abloom with color.  Here are some of the pretty hydrangeas coming up in our front yard. 

And I always love bringing in flowers from the garden this time of the year.  I usually line the kitchen with them.   Here's what is brightening up that space this week. 

In baby news, Lexi has officially found her hands and is particularly taken with her right thumb.  She also loves being naked, and her changing pad is her favorite spot in the whole house, all of which can be seen here. 

Also, we tried out her playpen for the first time this week.  She seems to like it just fine.  

And as you can see, her bed bud is never far.  What would I do without these two?

So that's it for this week.  We are planning to hit a small town festival tomorrow and spend some time working in the yard a little later this weekend.  Whatever your plans for the weekend, I hope you make it a good one!

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