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My Week In Pictures: June 27, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday, everyone!  It's time once again for another "My Week in Pictures", so without further ado, let's get started.

This week, we begin with the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival in good old Bell Buckle, TN.  I thought it might be a fun event, and since it's an outdoor activity, it would be a good one for little Lex in case she got a bit on a noisy side it wouldn't be a problem.  So we traveled down to Bell Buckle last Saturday, and arrived just in time for some ice cold RC Colas (which I haven't had in YEARS), but we didn't partake in the moon pies.  Neither of us are fans. 

The festival kicked off with a parade through the streets.  So naturally, we pulled up a shady spot and settled in to watch.  The next thing I know while I was busy snapping pics, who should appear in the parade route but my husband and baby girl.  That's them getting in on the action by the red truck.  

And if that weren't enough, John actually stopped the parade to get a pic with Honest Abe here.  Abe was walking in the parade, when John ran out into the street (once again) to pose for a picture with him. Sheesh...  Incidentally, you can see how happy Lex was about all this.  

However, she did settle down long enough for a photo by the grand marshall fire truck with her mommy.  But let it be known that this was not one of my finer ideas.  It was about 400 degrees out that day with 99.9% humidity.  We lasted less than one hour before we were headed back to the comfort of the AC in the car, and on the road again.  :)

But all was not lost.  On the way home, we stopped into a little antique shop we have passed by many times but never stopped at before.  This time, we decided to go in.  And what should I spy, but this old Mother Goose book.  It's special because I vividly remember owning a copy of this book as a little girl.  

As a flipped through the pages, it all came racing back.  I loved this little book, the rhymes, and especially the illustrations.  This one was always my favorite.  I remember those pretty maids all in a row.  

You will notice on the cover that the asking price at the time of publication was only $0.25, but as of last weekend, this book cost me $4.  That's inflation for you!  But worth every pretty penny when I read this to my little girl.  

We also were very fortunate to score this nearly life-sized pup for our living room.  I love him.  We have already named him Berkeley.   And as you can see, our sweet Izzie Lu is already making friends with him.  

Also this week, hubby brought home a bag of limes from the grocery, and we made homemade margaritas!  You know the saying.  When life gives you limes...

In all my spare time (ha!), I've been doing a little light reading (double ha!)

Babydoll has officially started zeroing in on mobiles, lights, and her absolute favorite- ceiling fans.  :)

And she's been holding her head up really well for a while now.  Here she is in Mommy's bed.  She hangs out here with me most mornings.  Sweet, sweet girl. 

And speaking of sweet girls, here's my other sweet baby, up to a bit of naughty. Izzie is the stealer of the binks.  For some reason, she LOVES them.  But she doesn't hide them like she does with most contraband items.  She usually steals the binkies when we aren't looking, but then plops them down at your feet like she's showing off her loot. 

In other news, we tried a new Chinese restaurant this week.  The food was only so so, but my fortune made up for it.  As it turns out, all my dearest wishes have already come true.  I am one lucky girl, and I know it.  

And finally, as we approach the Fourth of July, I thought I might share how to wear red, white, and blue without looking like you draped yourself in a flag.  Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that either.  In fact, as we get a little closer to Independence Day, I usually start pulling out the red and white stripes myself.  But since we aren't quite there yet, I think a hint of the right colors, but in a different pattern usually does the trick nicely.  Add some jewelry in the same colors, and there you have it.  Instant patriotic outfit.  

So that does it for another week.  This weekend, we are preparing to welcome Harris Sister, Donna, and family for a visit.  So we will no doubt have a fun weekend ahead.  Will be great to see all of them and catch up.  I hope your weekend is just as fun!  Enjoy!!
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