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What Flavor was Green Kool-Aid Anyway?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

It seems like John and I have been walking down memory lane a lot here lately.  And one of the things we recently debated over was Kool-Aid. 

We were definitely Kool-Aid kids.  There is no denying that.  Although, it seems to have faded from favor over the years, you can still find it in stores.  But when we were growing up, it was the drink of choice.  And we all had our favorite flavors.  By far, my favorite was tropical punch, but we drank them all.  When I asked John what his favorite flavor was, he said "green".  Hmmm, that's funny.  I never knew "green" was a flavor.  Although, thinking back, that's what we called it too.  It was just "green" Kool-Aid.  I'm not sure I ever really knew what flavor it was supposed to be.  When I pointed this out to John, he quickly told me the flavor was lime.  But when checking this factoid, it turns out the flavor is actually lemon lime.  Huh, you learn something every day!!

Another fun factoid was how we Harris Sisters used to make our Kool-Aid.  Per the package instructions, you were supposed to add one cup of sugar to the Kool-Aid packet and then add water to fill your pitcher.  That might have worked fine for all the rest of you Kool-Aid kids out there, but no, not us.  Our mom always said that it wasn't sweet enough with just one cup of sugar, so we added 2 cups of sugar to each batch of Kool-Aid.  And we went through that stuff like it was water.  It's a wonder we don't all have sugar diabetes!!  By the way, this is a point of contention for my husband.  Ever since I told him about our Kool-Aid "recipe" he has never let me hear the end of it.  

As an aside, today's Kool-Aid packets actually suggest substituting Splenda for sugar.  The times- they are a'changing.  But there sure is nothing like that sugary sweet syrup from our childhood.  Makes me almost want to stir up a big old batch of  "green" Kool-Aid.  *Almost*.  
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Misty Turner said...

blah! I don't remember two cups of sugar, but I do remember my fave was tang, probably because we got it so rarely and also, I'm sure, because that's what the astronauts drank! I saw some in big jugs the last time I went to Walmart.

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