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My Week in Pictures: April 4, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's been another whirlwind of a week.  Hard to believe it's already Friday, but I will take it!  With another busy weekend ahead, I'm thinking it's gonna fly by too.  But thankfully, I have slowed down enough to recap another Week in Pictures for you.  So here we go. 

Now that spring has officially sprung on Music City, we ate outside on our patio several nights this week.  We fired up the old grill for the first time in a while, and enjoyed our dinner outside amoung the blooming trees, the singing birds, and the bunnies that live in our back yard.  (Izzie especially likes those bunnies!)

And speaking of our Izzie, here is your weekly dose of preciousness.  She's never met a toy she doesn't love.  Here, she is standing on one of her favorites- her frisbee.  She trots it in and out through her doggie door, so there's no telling where we will find it next.  

But back to all the springtime weather....  It's been up around 80 degrees here all week.   The cherry tree we planted in our front yard last year sure is putting on a show for us!  I just love cherry blossoms!!

John spent one night this week firing up the old waterfall in the back yard.  It's a bit of a chore, but we do love it.  The fish seem to have come back to life with the movement of the water, and it's definitely time to start feeding them again.  Here's hubby looking on at his handy work.  

And this was a cheap thrill.  New oversized cat-eye sunnies for less than $10.  Yep, I told you it was a cheap thrill.  :)

But springtime does also bring about a fair amount of work.  For me, it's the biannual changing out of the shoe closet.  I dread it always, but alas, it must be done.  I am proud to say that I have accomplished this monumental task this week, and even started wearing my much-loved sandals and wedges for the first time since late last summer!  YAY!!

And speaking of chores, there are still a few things we have left to do to prepare for Peanut's arrival.  This week, I tackled baby laundry, and LOTS of it!!

Sweet Peanut passed the 35 week mark this week.  We are now in Week 36, which means that we are about a month away from her official due date.  But you know how that goes.  She will come when she's ready.  Most docs agree that full-term is 37 weeks (or after), and we are quickly closing it on that.  So anytime she wants to arrive beyond that will be just fine by me.  

So there you have it- another week in pictures.  Hope your week has been everything you wanted, and you are looking forward to the weekend ahead!  Make it a good one!! 

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