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Quick and Easy Easter Decorating Tips

Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's a cold and rainy Saturday here today and we're all prepped and ready for Easter tomorrow. 

Of course, nobody wants to step foot outside of the house today unless they ABSOLUTELY have to since the weather is so icky. So, I thought I'd share these last minute Easter tips should you need help with any last minute Easter prep.


The first tip is for creating your own Easter grass. I have two baskets that I use to display eggs, but I had no Easter grass for them. So, I set to work with this simple tip.

First pick out as many paper grocery bags as you have baskets to fill with Easter grass (you'll need at least one large grocery bag per basket):

Open each grocery bag along the back and bottom seams to form one long strip of paper. Then tear this strip of paper into smaller strips that will fit into your home office paper shredder. Feed the smaller strips through the paper shredder one at a time:

Here are a few photos of the paper bag Easter grass "in action" in the two baskets that I needed it for:


If your shredder is a cross cut shredder and you have the option to turn that off, please do that to avoid multiple small pieces of Easter grass. Otherwise, this is still a viable option if your basket has a solid bottom.

If you prefer colored Easter grass instead of neutral, switch to colored paper instead of grocery bags. Flyers are routinely sent home from school almost daily on colored paper. Save those flyers for the month prior to Easter and you'll be up to your eyeballs in colorful Easter grass!


The second tip is for egg cups. Have more eggs to display than you have egg cups? Or do your fancy egg cups only hold a certain number of eggs (and NOT the number of eggs you have to display)? 

That second scenario was our dilemma this year. Inevitably we end up with a few eggs that are oddly colored. This year we had a few browns and a black. :-/

So, I pulled out my super-schmancy Elvis shot glasses to display the beautifully colored eggs. Here they are among the other Easter decor:

About the same size as my vintage Lefton rabbits:

The shot glasses turned out to be the perfect size to hold large size Easter eggs. 

These shot glasses happen to have Easter colors featured prominently, but if your shot glasses don't have Easter colors, consider turning the front design to the back so that only the egg is featured in a clear glass.

Hope you guys have a Happy Easter!

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