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My Week in Pictures: April 18, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

It's that time once again.  Another Friday, another "My Week in Pictures", so here we go...

This week started with some gorgeous spring weather here in the south, so we took the opportunity to get some work done in the yard, starting with these "champagne bubbles".  I haven't heard of them before, and have no idea how they will do for us.  But frankly, I liked the name, so now they are ours.  :)

In addition, I also scored a bush I have been hunting for a while.  When we were little, there was a humongous snowball bush by our house, and I always loved it.  I finally found one, and I know exactly where it's going in the yard- covering an ugly pipe on the side of the house.  Killing two birds with one stone here.  They are also known to grow big and fast, so I'm excited to see how it will do. 

John spent most of the weekend working on installing these outdoor fans for our pergola.  He got it all done, thank goodness.  These are sure to come in handy this summer!

Of course, little Izzie spent all weekend outside with us "helping".  Everytime we came back inside the kitchen, she immediately assumed this position - cooling her underpinnings on the kitchen floor.  So precious. 

So at the end of this past weekend, we decided to grill out and start a backyard fire and just enjoy taking in all our hard work.  Here's our main fire starter hard at work. 

And here's a look at his handiwork.  That man sure does know how to build a blazing inferno. Incidentally, we also made s'mores on the fire much later, and used coconut marshmallows.  My, oh, my.  They were the best s'mores we've ever made.  

Oh, I almost forgot...  We did manage hit a few rummage sales too, and I got this super cute apron for a dollar.  Big spender, here.  In any case, we also happened to score a couple of other awesome vintage pieces for Peanut, but I will save that for our One Man's Trash column.   So be on the lookout for more to come on that. 

As you know, the dreaded Tax Day also occurred this week.  I assisted by practicing my professional signature and playing games with the calculator.  John said I was about as much help as a two-year old, which I will take as a compliment since I'm usually far less help than that.  :)

In other news, I realized that a few of Peanut's outfits do not have diaper covers for them, which we simply cannot have.  I mean, little Peanut can't just go around showing off her knickers, now can she? So I found these lovelies on Etsy.  I think that should do the trick. 

And look at the name of the seller.  It was surely meant to be....

We made homemade fajitas one night this week, using Pioneer Woman's recipe.  They were pretty awesome, if you are interested in testing out her recipe too. 

So then last night I met John out for dinner.  We tried a new place that I can't quite recommend, but the milkshakes were amazing.  I guess that was worth the trip, but the dinner wasn't that great.  And thanks to a snafu in the kitchen, they ended up giving us these shakes for free.  Can't beat that!

We wrapped up dinner and headed on over to our Infant CPR class last night.  It was relatively easy to learn.  We had an awesome instructor, and I highly recommend this type of training.  It is just a good thing to know, even if you never use it.  And hopefully, you never will!

So one more thing is checked off the list as we prepare for Peanut's arrival.  Speaking of Peanut, we are now into week 38.  That's week 38 of 40!!  The end is drawing near.  As a matter of fact, I wore this same top last year over Easter weekend.  Hmmm, somehow it fit a little differently then.  Ha!

So that's all for now, folks.  Here we are at Easter weekend.  We have a beautiful weekend ahead and some family coming in to help us celebrate and enjoy Easter Sunday.  I hope you enjoy yours too!!  
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