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Decorating for Easter and Spring

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Well, we are only a few short weeks away from Easter Sunday!  Hard to believe; this month is just flying by!!  But I do love this time of year.  The weather is starting to warm.  The trees are blooming, the early spring flowers are poking up in the yard, and it's time once again to decorate for a new season!

I have a few new pieces that I have added to my Springtime decor this year, so let's start there. 

These sweet little salt and pepper shakers came from the Vermont Country Store.  They are new, but are modeled after a vintage pair.  They look very 1960's to me, and I love them!!

Also new for this year, are these "tea for one" tea pots.  In case you aren't familiar with tea for one pots, the top part holds hot water and your tea bag.  You let it steep and pour it into your cup on the bottom.  Each pot holds a cup or two of tea.  I actually purchased two of these- one for me and one for hubbie.  We both love hot tea, and I plan to use these all year long- not just at Easter.  However, their sweet bunny and garden theme makes them perfect for my springtime table!

I also snagged these Peter Rabbit napkins for this year.  Aren't they just adorable?

And this jelly bean jar came from Etsy.  Of course, I filled it with jelly beans, and not just any jelly beans- the original Brach's jelly bird eggs.  These are the jelly beans of my youth- all the standard flavors including those licorice-flavored black ones.  I don't eat those, but I love all the rest of the flavors.  Nostalgia at it's finest!

And I almost forgot that I scored these sweet Lefton chicks last year at one of our little antique stores we frequent.  They are old stock, and lovely.  I have them in the dining room this year.   

Oh, and a couple of other new pieces for this year- these foil bunnies were a birthday present from John's parents this year.  Don't they look just like big chocolate rabbits wrapped in Easter foil?  Love them!!

And if you have followed our blog since last year, you might also remember some of these familiar favorite decorations, starting with some vintage- inspired Easter cards that I displayed on my fridge this year. 

And then these sweet little party chicks perched high atop the fridge.... 

I found this small planter on Etsy several years ago.  He graces my kitchen table this time of year.

Same with these egg cups.  I have a set of four that I found on Etsy a couple of years back, and I love bringing them out each year. 

But, these may be my favorites.  These little lamb and chick cups are also old, and I have had them for several years myself.  I love them so much!

And finally, here's a full look at the kitchen table all duded up for Easter.  That's my prized Humpty Dumpty cookie jar front and center, and you will see glimpses of many of the other pieces I have already pointed out. 

So, that's the nickel tour.  Spring has definitely sprung here at our house, even if it's just on the inside!  The outside will catch up soon enough.  :)
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