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Christmas Traditions - Goodie Baking Day

Saturday, December 14, 2013

For as long as I can remember, we Harris Girls have set aside a day near Christmas every year for the purpose of baking Christmas goodies. Today marks that day for our family. We have shortened our menu by about half this year because Christmas is coming fast and I can't devote as much time to it as I'd like (only 11 days to go!). But we will bake goodies nonetheless - it's tradition!

Our 2013 Christmas Goodies Menu:

Behold what Goodie Baking Day looked like in the days of yore:

Please note, this woman is not related to any of the Harrises. THIS is a vintage 1948 General Mills ad. We Harris Girls always get the job done, mind, but not so much like this. Here are some of our own vintage goodie baking photos that should give you a giggle.

Perhaps you haven't caught on by now, but we Harris gals are hilarious (or at least we think so) and after a full day of baking, we just crack ourselves up. Disregard the general disheveled nature of the kitchen - clearly a bomb went off in it just seconds before snapping this photo:

What did I tell you? That explosion made us drop our cookies!

And here we are about a year later with a little helper. This is a very young Charlotte working hard to mix up something:

And here we are at the end of that day, looking as bedraggled as ever. Note: the kitchen looks like a nightmare again - I'm sure Gordon Ramsey is ready to swoop in at any moment!

And just for kicks, I thought I'd throw in this picture. I find it amusing that the boys always look so professional when they cook. Have they learned nothing from their Mama and Aunts?

So what are you cooking up for Christmas this year?
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