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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A few years back, I was all too happy to embrace the skinny tree trend.  Sadly, though, it doesn't leave a whole lotta room for the abundance of ornaments I have collected over the years.  You may remember this little box from this previous post.  It's basically an old Coke crate screwed to the wall to create a handy little display box.  It usually houses tiny toys.  They now have been retired until next year, and a collection of ornaments take their place:

Just a few months back, I found this typewriter at a yard sale.  Howard cleaned up the keys and I promptly displayed it.

I dug out an old Christmas stationery set, and Charlotte went about making out a list for herself, while Emma dictated hers to Charlotte.  I displayed it in my newfound typewriter:

It seemed like I had a bunch of Christmas odds and ends leftover to decorate my mantel.  That would never do!  So, I took to Pinterest for some ideas.  Now, I see why everyone loves a chalkboard.  I made this chalkboard out of a picture frame.  (Directions in that same post--you may have noticed as the toy box.) When I decided to use it in my Christmas decorating, I knew just what I wanted on it, as we had been listening to Christmas music for days and days.  Here is the song (in case you're wondering):

It is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs because of this very verse:

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