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I Just Can't Wait to Get on the Road Again

Friday, June 28, 2013

As we've previously acknowledged, the season of the Great American Road Trip is upon us. And of course, what better time to listen to songs about cars and driving than when you're in the car searching for that infamous giant ball of twine.
So here's a playlist to get your road trip started:

You'll really feel like the master of road trips, Clark W. Griswold, once "Holiday Road" queues up (just make sure not to eat any wet sandwiches on YOUR trip).

Of course, you could just go old school like Clark, scrap the tunes altogether, and sing "Jimmy Crack Corn" with your family (but considering that YOUR kids won't know what that is either, I'm thinking this playlist is the better option).

Pair this playlist with some state specific songs, for any states you might be traveling to and through, and you're set.

While you're checking out sweet tunes, I would recommend that you also check out our other playlists: Valentine's Day Playlist, Spring Playlist, Patriotic PlaylistHalloween PlaylistThanksgiving Playlist, and Christmas Playlist. They are 100% Phil Collins free - which makes them the finest quality playlists for every occasion.
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